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How Dare You!

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Published on: April 1, 2020

Yes you, why wouldn’t I be talking to you? Just because the virtue signalers have been screaming for so long, it does not mean we are without fault and in need of answering for what we are doing, and for what we are allowing to be done.

Many people are thinking things will be okay because of the 2 trillion dollars the government is going to be handing out. I just heard one person say people are going to be getting some money. However, is money really being handed out? I heard one congressman say the 2 trillion dollars is the equivalent of giving $60,000.00 of debt to every person who is getting the $1,200.00. Well, I would not dare to go into the bank and take out a lone like that. “How Dare You!” If not you, who?

I have written before how debt is not money. The government is claiming to give out 2 trillion dollars of money. However, they are only creating debt, not money. Our money does not come into existence without debt. Can we have debt without having a debtor? A debtor is “one who owes a debt; one who is under obligation to pay money to another.” Think about that, someone is under an obligation to pay money, to create money. Debt is defined as, “that which is owed to another, whether money, services, or goods; an obligation one person owes another.” I am using my Gilbert Law Dictionary for these definitions if you want to check for yourself.

I realize that reality can be an irritating thing, but as I have previously said my goal is to make you think. How can we dare to continue doing what we are doing, if we do not know what we are doing, or what is being done to us? I once needed to give a speech on negotiable instruments for a law class I was in. I started out with these definitions because you cannot make an agreement if you do not understand what you are agreeing to. That is why definitions are important. In the middle of the speech I decided to have some fun and reached into my pocket and pulled out what people consider is money. I stated: “For example a Federal Reserve Note is a debt instrument, it specifically states, “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”” The lawyer teaching the class started laughing and then started asking questions. I continued answering his questions until he said: “Well, you may be right, but you are the only one in the room who understands what you are saying, so move on.” So I continued my speech referring to more traditional negotiable instruments. After class we had a nice talk as we had become friends, and he mentioned as a corporate lawyer he put in the contracts his company was making clauses on the value of money. You do not want to contract to be paid a dollar to produce electricity, that buys a basket of coal, and eventually get paid a dollar that buys a piece of coal. He understood what I was saying in my speech, but since the system was working, why worry about it?

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Currently, people are telling you not to worry because they are going to give you money, so shutting down the country will be okay. How do you know? If you do not know what is happening, “How Dare You!” A note, in the legal sense “is a document which contains an absolute promise by the maker (or signer) to pay to the bearer a specific sum of money at a specific time.” The dictionary says “See negotiable instrument” So we take our Gilbert Law Dictionary page over to negotiable instrument and it states: “A writing signed by the maker, or drawer, which contains an unconditional promise to pay on demand or at some future time a fixed amount of money to bearer or to “order” and containing no unauthorized undertaking or instruction by the person promising or ordering payment.” I know you may be starting to say who cares, well you should. Unless you know what they are doing, how do you dare to be part of it?

Back to the Federal Reserve Note, it is signed by the Treasurer of the United States. Remember it states “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.” While we are at it we might as well look up what legal tender is: “Lawful currency that may be used for the satisfaction of any and all debts or claims; all coins and currencies of the United States, regardless of when issued, may be used to settle all debts or claims, public and private. The act of making or offering to make payment on a debt or claim.”  Are you starting to understand? What people think is money is really just a promise. In 1913 they started the Federal Reserve and we are going on 107 years of using, promises to pay money, as money. Money used to be gold and silver. Gold and silver needed to be dug out of the ground and took a lot of work to get. So in a way, you were trading work for work.

My point is the 2 trillion dollars the government is going to be handing out, is really just 2 trillion promises. Many people are being forced not to work. Think of it this way. You are raising chickens and eating the eggs. You have so many eggs that you trade them with different neighbors and all of you put together eat many different things because together you have an economy. One day a government official comes by says your chickens scare him, and he makes you stop having chickens. Would you be worried about eating? You should be. Would it matter if the government official gave you 2 trillion promises for eggs? A promise for eggs only becomes eggs, if somebody actually raises chickens. I actually raise chickens and if I only promise to feed them they die. It does not matter if I give them a piece of paper that represents the national debt, and tell the chickens that in the future someone will feed chickens. A piece of paper that represents being fed, does not keep you from starving.

Some of the most pathetic liars in the history of mankind just gave the country 2 trillion promises. Most people if they even get that will only get $1200.00. If that is you, remember, that is 1,200 promises that you are supposed to give to someone like me. You hope I will trade some eggs for your government promises, the promises that people are calling money. Think Venezuela, they were prosperous at one time. This economy can only take so much damage. People better start understanding the difference between a promise and a reality.

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