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How Is Fauci Still Given A Free Hand To Attack? He Is Targeting The “Unvaccinated” Again! (Video)

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Published on: November 30, 2022

“The real danger is in the people who have not been vaccinated.”

For all of the money that Rand Paul has raised in going after Anthony Fauci for all of his lies, you would have thought he would have been prosecuted long ago.  Apparently, not (Amos 3:3).

Most already know that Rand Paul is nothing more than another clown in the circus of politics.  As a matter of fact, while Rand was allegedly “grilling” Anthony Fauci for all of his lies, Rand’s wife was buying up stock in Remdesivir behind closed doors (Proverbs 19:9).

For all of the facts that have now come out on these said experimental jabs, I have to say that I am surprised that any of those who are behind this propaganda push are still around to have opportunity in pushing their lies on another day. Yet, they are doing so (Numbers 35:33; Deuteronomy 19:19).

Now, they have become so emboldened to come back around and begin to attack those who have not bowed the knee to their unconstitutional and murderous schemes (John 10:10).

Once again, repeat criminal Anthony Fauci has been given the floor to the White House press room only to highlight his next hoped for victims.

“The real danger is in the people who have not been vaccinated.”

In conclusion: Friends, these con men and murderers are nothing short of what I have just described (John 8:44).  They are doing their best to create a world without God and if they cannot get at Him, then His Creation is the next best thing to attack.  They have been trying to do this since the beginning of time and, in the end, after all the death and destruction, it will all go for nought as they will find themselves in the same predicament of those they are trying to murder only answering for it before the throne of God on Judgment Day (Numbers 32:23; Psalm 10; Revelation 21:5).

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