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How to Fight Child Abuse while Protecting Constitutional Rights of the Accused

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Published on: October 15, 2015

Define child abuse as malicious intent and a criminal act. Avoid definitions so broad all parents, grandparents and/or teachers are legally guilty of abuse for simply disciplining a child. Children, having been trained by schools and the media to be “Big Brother agents of the state”, cause parents and teachers to live in fear of being turned in for crossing the will of their children/students. These children grow up undisciplined, causing anger in parents, teachers or caretakers who then resort to what would be considered actual abuse to control them.

Train child abuse investigators in the Constitutional rights of citizens the same as police are trained.

Investigators should be required to respect these rights, same as requirements for police.

Assume the accused (parent, teacher, or caretaker) is innocent until proven guilty, a Constitutional right.

Currently, the accused is assumed guilty until proven innocent, but seldom declared innocent, even with extensive proof of their innocence. Many parents accused of supposedly abusing their child/children, have lost contact with them in the state’s system because of the bureaucracy.

Charge the abuser and give them due process of law with their full Constitutional rights, including protecting their right to face their accuser. Currently, abuse hot lines allow accusers to remain anonymous; thereby giving children, students, estranged spouses and others a way to “get even” by reporting those with whom they are angry. Parents/teachers reported as supposed abusers have gone through the trauma of investigations and many suffered the breakdown of marriages, families, loss of finances, houses, jobs, peace of mind, etc., defending themselves against anonymous accusations!

As in other criminal acts, take the accused abuser into custody instead of the victim.

Children who have been truly abused are already traumatized. Why further traumatize them by state sanctioned kidnapping which snatches them from their familiar environment? What other crime forces the victim into custody?

Publicize, particularly in all classes on child abuse for parents, teachers or investigators, that according to extensive documentation, hundreds of children “are harmed more in the state’s protective custody every year than they were by the parents who first failed them” (Orlando Sentinel, Thursday, June 6, 2002).

The current child abuse system fails to cover this fact. Why the censorship if the child abuse system is really trying to prevent maliciously intended child abuse instead of building the UN’s Children’s Rights, which believes children belong to the state?

Expose, too, child abuse statistics are usually “reported” abuse, not “confirmed” abuse. Angry kids often report parents as abusers, estranged spouses report other spouse as abuser, etc. Often these “reported abuse statistics” are used for more state funding to increase number of investigators. Consider, too, today when more money is given to a state children’s department, more than likely it will build a bigger unconstitutional government agency, i.e., Big Brother. This could very well be implementation of the UN’s Children’s Rights where children belong to the State and its investigators will monitor parents to see their children are reared according to the State’s standards, which will include no training in Christianity. Parents not abiding by those standards, will be accused of abuse and/or neglect and children will be taken into permanent custody.

Fight abuse of children and parents/teachers by government child abuse systems, because the Constitutional rights of others you work to protect are rights which protect you, should you ever be falsely accused of a crime!

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