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Hungary Ready To Push Away From Table On UN Mandate Of Illegal Invasion Of Europe

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Published on: February 8, 2018

When a group of people come together to establish a nation, country and/or republic, the people determine the form of government that will govern the population, determine the authority the government has over the people, and the government retains this authority as long as the people consent to the authority of the government.  Problems occur when outside entities, unelected by the people and retaining no authority over the people, attempt to determine for the people, the nation, country and/or republic, and the government of those people, policies and law that should be under the authority of that government.

Such is the case when the United Nations comes together to determine any type of immigration, refugee, or other importation of people policy for sovereign nations and republics. reported:

Hungarian leaders have blasted a new United Nations migration treaty currently in developmental stages that would pry Europe’s borders open even wider, saying it looks like it was “copied from the Soros plan” and threatening to abandon negotiations altogether.

A slew of ranking officials from Hungary have come out against the compact in the last week, arguing that it promotes, rather than discourages, an increase in migration from the Third World to Europe, creating security risks and financial burdens that have already deeply imperiled Europeans.

Hungarian officials have also asserted that the global plan runs parallel to agendas being promoted by the European Union and ‘George Soros mafia network,’ and that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his co-conspirators are moving forward with the scheme regardless of opposition.

“The UN’s draft directive on migration is chillingly reminiscent of the European Union’s plans, against which the Hungarian government is also fighting,” said Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi. “The opinions of the UN Secretary General with relation to the planned compact for migration are far from supported internationally. The Hungarian government has also protested against the fact that the UN Secretary General is putting the plan forward as his own standpoint on the global organization’s various forums without the existence of a consensus on the issue.”

This is nothing more than an attempt by the United Nations to destroy the nations of Europe through unfettered, unvetted, and nation collapsing illegal alien invasion.  The UN Secretary General has zero authority to override a sovereign nation’s government or the people who consent to the authority of their government.  Moreover, sovereign nation’s hold the authority to withdraw from any unelected bureaucratic “compact” such as the European Union at the behest of the people, who may no longer consent to be governed by those they do not elect.  This is one of the “self-evident truths” outlined in our Declaration of Independence, which is specific to the founding of the united States;  but, it’s principles are applicable to all people.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned his government “is prepared to walk away from the negotiating table,” promising to uphold Hungary’s sovereign immigration policy, which places the safety and security of the Hungarian people first – above those of an unelected diktat international group.

“The Hungarian government wants migration to be stopped, not promoted,” Szijjarto said. “We regard it as unacceptable that the Secretary General is preempting the results of such a debate and to all intents and purposes announcing the result, while he is otherwise fully aware of the fact that he in no way enjoys the unanimous backing of member states on this issue.”

“The question therefore arises whether there is any point in taking part in these negotiations at all.”

The Hungarian Foreign Minister actually means “illegal alien invasion” instead of migration.  Migration is the term used by the unelected United Nations who holds zero authority to determine any immigration policy of any sovereign nations’ government.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban indicated the treaty called for the nation to “relax their immigration laws and penalties for illegal entry,” while transferring the authority for “migration” to “non-governmental organizations (NGOs)” and “charities” – the funding of which comes from many George Soros organizations.

Orban stated Hungary had “bad experiences with NGOs” indicating the civic organizations dealing with migration are fake and “eating out of George Soros’ hand.”  Orban claimed the UN was a “valuable organization;”  but, it could not be allowed to establish “principles that go against Hungary’s interest.”

The UN is about as useful as an ingrown toenail.  Moreover, the organization can only do what sovereign nations allow it to do.  If every sovereign nation would tell the UN to go “pound sand,” the US would revoke the wicked organization’s lease on the property in our republic and withdraw from its participation, the United Nations would dissolve so fast it would make everyone dizzy.  Since its inception, there have been more conflicts world-wide, granted not on the scale of two World Wars, than ever before in history – the Middle East remains broiled in conflict, China invaded Tibet, the Korean conflict and Vietnam police action occurred, and hosts of conflicts occurred in the African continent.  What exactly has the UN done?  Nothing, but attempted, and continued to attempt, to install itself as a world government. continued:

FM Szijjarto has corroborated Orban’s assessment, saying that the new UN agreement endeavors to make “migration appear as a fundamental human right, as well as to remove the difference between legal and illegal migration, which is unacceptable.”

“The ability to protect the border is one of the most important aspects of statehood, an important component of sovereignty.”

Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács has said Hungary is prepared to “build [another] fence, boost its police and military forces and shape the legal environment to suit its goals.”

The ideology that “migration” aka illegal alien invasion is some “fundamental human right” is an anti-sovereign, anti-border concept adopted by individuals identified as “liberals” who believe an individual’s choice on  where to live trumps a government established by a society of people that controls who can and cannot enter their sovereign territory.  A society of people who come together to form a nation or country are bound by similar cultural practices, principles and values.  To negate this factual societal bond is to be steeped in ignorance.  This common societal bond forms one of the reasons for limited immigration and necessitates immigrants to assimilate into society. Allowing unfettered immigration does not allow assimilation, which then leads to the destruction of the host society, usually by violent force and refusal to relinquish the cultural practices these “immigrants” bring into the host society, forcing the host government to initiate “exceptions.”

Consider the individual who has consistently been advocating these policies of open borders and “immigration rights” – George Soros.  Yes, George Soros, also known as George Schwartz, born in Hungary in 1930, collaborated with the Nazis to round up Jews, sending them to the trains bound for concentration/death camps, and confiscate their property.  As the reports indicated, George Soros Schwartz is a war criminal and should be tried as such.  The Daily Wire indicated Soros was convicted in 2002 of insider trading in France and confirmed his “anti-Semitic Jewish family” and Nazi collaboration.  Soros Schwartz funds the lamestream enemedia, bankrolls Hillary Clinton in her political aspirations, and claims that Europe’s illegal alien invasion should be viewed as the “new normal.”  In the US, Soros Schwartz funds anti-American groups such as Black Lives Matter.  If evil has a face and immortality, it would be in the person of George Soros Schwartz.

Granted, Soros Schwartz probably doesn’t work alone – corroboration with shadow governments world-wide and the financial elite new world order fanaticists keeps him from standing trial for his war crimes and serving time in a French prison while allowing him to manipulate nations and people through propaganda he undoubtedly learned from the Nazis.

Despite the push of the UN, George Soros Schwartz and an ignorant group of people world-wide, sovereign nations, comprised of a society of people consenting to be governed under their form of government, have the authority to determine their laws pertaining to immigration of people outside their borders who are non-citizens of that nation.  The UN, Soros Schwartz or these ignorant groups of people never target China, Russia, Japan, African Nations, North Korea, North Vietnam, the Middle East or Arab nations for open borders or unfettered immigration for a multi-cultural society.  Is not China a candidate for unfettered immigration?  There is plenty of land and money there.  What about Japan and Russia or any of the other nations identified?  The reason these nations are not targeted is obvious – their populations are not so gullible for various reasons;  one being the types of governments established to govern the population.  And, it would not have the effect of destroying the culture and wealth of so-called western nations.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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