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Hypocritical Harry Reid wants cooperation on Amendments from GOP

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Published on: November 21, 2014

When Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) ran rough-shod over the Senate, he invoked the nuclear option that stifled any Republican amendments to any bill, refused to allow any legislation from the House he disagreed with to be brought forth for vote in the Senate, and killed the filibuster, which has been tradition in government for quite some time. Now that Republicans have gained control of the Senate beginning in January, Reid has expressed the notion that Republicans should “operate” the Senate much differently than he. On Wednesday, Reid stated on the Senate floor, “I would hope we could have an open amendment process and ample debate on that legislation.”

After holding the legislation hostage, adding his own token amendments to legislation to prevent others from adding amendments or ideas to bills and exhibiting dictatorial mannerisms in his “heavy-handed” approach that some Republicans tried to stop through asking for votes against “filing the tree,” Reid now wants to have a cooperative, bipartisan approach to government in the Senate. As a gesture of “goodwill,” Reid loosened his hold by bringing forth the bill to reform the National Security Agency, in effect, to “allow” amendment votes. Republicans rejected the offer, saying the bill was being rushed for a vote without an approval at the committee level.

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In true liberal, leftist, Democratic fashion, Reid complained about the rejection by Republicans, saying, “That’s really wrong. Shouldn’t we at least be able to debate the issue here on the floor?”

Really, Senator Reid?

Hopefully, Republicans will not take this bait hook, line, and sinker, as this is a good example of the “switch and bait” technique so often used by liberals, leftists, and Democrats.

As a family patriarch was so fond of saying, “a leopard doesn’t change his spots.”

And, you can bet that Harry Reid has not had a change of heart overnight.

During the Democratic majority years in the Senate, Reid did everything in his power to stifle Republican legislation and amendments. But, upon a Republican majority win of the Senate, Reid now expects Democrats to have a voice that he himself denied Republicans, which, in essence, denied non-Democratic supporter citizens of their voice in government. While many conservatives see this as a total exposure of the hypocrisy present in the liberal, left Democratic demographic, die-hard liberal left ideologues and sycophants see this as “business as usual,” ready to jump should their voice be stifled and proclaim some type of “oppression” by the Republicans, conservatives and “right-wingers.”

While conservatives heard from the liberal, left pundits and die hards, “we won, get over it,” it is tempting to throw their own mantra back in their face. However, as many know, Democrats and Republicans are just different sides of the same coin. A Republican majority does not necessarily mean a reversal of damaging policy and legislation enacted by Democrats, Reid, or Obama. Nor does it mean maintaining the nuclear option in the Senate invoked by Reid.

It is obvious by Reid’s “turncoat” stance that he was very well aware of his actions and now recognizes that Republicans can maintain his “status quo.” Effective government hinges on the exchange of ideas and legislation that uphold, preserve, support, and defend our Constitution. Monopoly by one party or the other leans toward dictatorial, tyrannical rule, which, as history has shown, never bodes well for the citizens under such government.

Many warned against this “takeover” of the Senate by Harry Reid, blasting the nuclear option as detrimental to our constitutional republic form of government. The exact scenario of Republicans retaking the Senate majority and maintaining the House majority was postulated with the notion Republicans could maintain the Senate procedures invoked by Harry Reid. Naturally, the liberal, leftist, Democratic communists laughed at that notion. It seems Harry Reid is not laughing and is now asking for a “hand-out.”

Some may believe that Republicans should take a hard line against those Democratic communist Congress members – give them a taste of their own medicine. After all, it is “an eye for an eye” and “treat someone like they treated you” viewpoint in the world today. Even going back to “The Golden Rule” of treating someone like you would want to be treated, one could say Democrats want to be the objects of subjugation, suppression, oppression, ridicule, and condemnation as it is how these individuals have treated those in opposition to their agenda. Should that occur, the Democrats, along with their liberal left supporters, would issue such a “denial of rights” outcry that Mars might explode from the reverberations; it’s acceptable for this group to suppress, oppress, subjugate, ridicule, and condemn others as long, as it’s not done to them.

Liberals and Democrats, however, would never admit to such “inequity.” Their “ends justifies the means” mentality is perfectly acceptable to them as they move toward their goal; but, they expect everyone else to “abide by the rules” – adhere to the Constitution and founding principles of this country. If Republicans and their supporters choose to follow closely in the Democratic footsteps, it would be another “wrong” added to the mixture in trying to make a “right.”

To anyone with half a brain, it is obvious the best way to ensure equity is to follow the self-evident truths of our republic found in the Declaration of Independence – “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” The Constitution of the United States was constructed with those self-evident truths in mind by limiting the central government to enumerated powers of conducting business beneficial to all states and keeping the major power in the hands of the people and the States. Anything else, regardless of which party does what, is usurpation deserving of action by the people.

So, Mr. Harry Reid, here are a few pieces of advice for you.

Shut up with your whining! Some of us are sick and tired of your hypocritical existence. Some of us recognize your ineptness, not just as some sort of mental, emotional or psychological impairment, but also as a truly deceptive, Obama backside-sucking, communist progressive, pitiful excuse for a human being, parasitic, freedom-hating, racketeering, narcissistic, power hungry boil on the butt of humanity filled with vile evil, instigating usurper the devil himself would be proud to have as a rival for wickedness. Your support of everything anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-marriage, unconstitutional, liberal, and pro-destruction of America has been “tolerated” long enough.

The only reason you retain your office is because of “big money” supporters from the gambling state as your approval rating would suggest some type of voting machine manipulation, as even the village idiot knows not to stick his hand in the fire more than once. One wonders which you are from day to day – the pot or the kettle. It doesn’t really matter, as both are black.

How dare you expect any type of consideration from those whom you have wronged? Guaranteed, if you were employed by me, I would have fired your sorry butt after the first transgression, denied you unemployment, and buried you so far underground that the earth’s core would incinerate you. While revenge may not be mine, a reckoning surely would be within my jurisdiction. Don’t even think that “turn the other cheek” pacifist interpretation you embrace for conservatives is embraced by all.

You should be expelled from the Senate for your errant behavior, then brought up on criminal charges, tried under the fullest extent of the law, and if found guilty, punished accordingly. Of course, a jail cell would be too kind for the crimes that you have perpetrated. Personally speaking, public hangings should be brought back for “public servants” such as yourself who violate their oath of office. While you are almost certain your criminal lawless acts will go unpunished, rest assured, Mr. Reid, they will not.

For while you skirt around the law, covering your backside and cheating the American public, one of these days you are going to be held accountable. It would pleasure many to see you old, decrepit, incontinent of bowel and bladder, lying in your own waste, having to be spoon-fed soup while bed-ridden, devoid of teeth, and unable to move or speak while retaining full mental capability to know exactly what is going on around you. It would pleasure many to see you homeless, devoid of any monetary assets and resources, living under a bridge in a cardboard house with only a small fire to keep you warm in the winter, and pondering your past.

But, Mr. Reid, be grateful that some of us would not get pleasure to see you in such condition. No, Mr. Reid, if you were in that condition, some would come to your rescue. They would provide care for your needs, help you when you are hungry, clean you when you are dirty, provide you shelter and warmth and give you a hand up. It would be good, law-abiding, constitution-supporting, Christian people, not your liberal pundits or sycophants, who would pull you out of the despair that government has put many an American through. You would be shown forgiveness with “tough love.” Should you transgress further, you would suffer swift consequences – punishment under the law. Having you being reliant on the generous nature of God-loving people is the best “punishment” you could receive. You being shown the nature of the one true living God through the actions of the followers of Jesus Christ would be justice.

While this may not ever occur, what will occur, Mr. Reid, is your being held accountable by God. It is one thing that you cannot escape, skirt, buy-off, or prevent. Your punishment for your crimes here on earth may not be earthly. But, Mr. Reid, your punishment will be forthcoming in the hereafter, for an eternity, should you not repent and live a life through Jesus Christ. And that, sir, you can take to the bank.

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