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What is the True Story behind Thanksgiving?

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Published on: November 21, 2014

Hi folks! Today, we are going to talk about Thanksgiving and the story behind it. The people who celebrated it were called the Pilgrims, and they were on a boat called the Mayflower. The Pilgrims set sail to go to America on the Mayflower, September 6th, 1620.

All the Pilgrims got on the Mayflower and began to sail towards the new world. Finally, after 2 months of stormy seas, they landed in America at Plymouth Rock in November of 1620. When they arrived, they all held a prayer service and then immediately started building houses because it was November.

However, because they arrived so close to winter, nearly half of them died because of the freezing cold.

After this, one Indian man called Samoset came to the Pilgrims greeting them in their own language, English (Samoset said that he had learned English from fisherman and traders). Also, on a different occasion Samoset came to the Pilgrims with an Indian friend named Squanto. Shortly after this, both the Indians accepted the Pilgrim’s Christian faith.

Squanto was such a BIG help to the Pilgrims! Squanto taught them so much about the New World. In fact, William Bradford, the Pilgrim’s Governor, said that Squanto was a special instrument sent of God for their good and he never left them till he died. The Pilgrims continued to pray and continued to reap a good harvest because of it.

Since the Pilgrims were so thankful for all that God had done for them and their families, they said that they were going to have a 3-day feast demonstrating their thankfulness to God, again, for all that He had done for them. They held this feast with their Indian friends in Dec. of 1621. Fast Fact: This was the first Thanksgiving to take place in America. Another Fast Fact: Did you know that the food that they ate included shellfish, lobster, turkey, corn bread, berries, deer, and other foods? That sounds pretty good to me.

Well, what did you think of that story? I thought it was pretty cool, didn’t you? God was very good to them, wasn’t He? He still is good to us, too. Not only that, but the Pilgrims were very faithful to God as well. Thanksgiving is almost here, so this year, when you celebrate, remember this story of why we celebrate it and the story behind it. We all have a lot to be thankful for!

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