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“I am in downtown Brooklyn, but I swear it’s Saudi Arabia” – Mosque Broadcasts Call To Prayer (Video)

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Published on: June 16, 2019

The Islamic Supremacism is astounding as the people grin and bear it.  It’s outrageous that such a disturbing of the peace is allowed anywhere in America.  It’s even more disturbing that the call to worship demons is tolerated in a land that was established upon the Bible and the Christian faith.

According to the video’s description:

We didn’t find this video on YouTube and are uploading it to the benefit of all the people who aren’t on Facebook. This video seems to be about a mosque known as Masjid-Al-Aman in Brooklyn, NY. The original video was posted on the Facebook on June 3rd 2019 via the page ExMuslim at:… with the following text: A live video taken by a New York City resident walking Downtown Brooklyn, two days ago, though he first thought it was “Saudi Arabia or Syria” as it happens 5 times a day in countries under Sharia, but No, the (Athan-اذان) you’re hearing here, shouted loud from the top of Mosques is in Brooklyn, NYC, The United States of America! Update: A resident of brooklyn’s atlantic ave and a freind of the page told us that she did contact the local Police and they said that ”You can report excessive noise coming from a house of worship when a service is not being held as the police WILL NOT respond if you are reporting noise during a religious service” So she asked if it’s allowed by the city then as in ”it doesn’t violate city noise ordinance and disturb the peace” the Police shockingly said, ”Yes they’re allowed to shout the Athan with speakers to the outside during a religious service” As Ex-Muslims this is beyond traumatic, dark and terrifying, we lived through this before in other countries, we know what’s next, if people won’t stand and speak up. Most likely this is the same mosque this video is about, which clip was published in 2016.… Did you hear about our original series “The Mosque Diaries”? It’s a citizen media project documenting the violations of city code which the mosque that helped elect Ilhan Omar is committing on a weekly basis in Bloomington, Minnesota: Watch Episode 1: The Mosque Diaries Episode 1 Are We Allowed To Film? Watch Episode 2: The City Of Bloomington – Deception, Incompetence, Or Something Else?

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Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

A resident of Brooklyn posted a Facebook live video documenting how the Islamic call to prayer was being broadcast to a 20 block radius by a local mosque.

“I am in downtown Brooklyn, but I swear it’s Saudi Arabia, y’all hear that?” asks Derrick Gibson as the words “No God but Allah, Mohammad is his messenger” are broadcast.
“What the hell disturbing the peace! You gotta love it right here in America – this not Saudi Arabia” states Gibson as the noise gets louder.
The mosque in question is the Masjid-Al-Aman. A previous report from 2016 documents how locals complained 156 times about the call to prayer, labeling it a nuisance.
The commentary on the clip claims that the broadcast is a violation of New York City noise control ordinance.
However, according to a resident, when she contacted police about the noise, she was told, ”You can report excessive noise coming from a house of worship when a service is not being held as the police WILL NOT respond if you are reporting noise during a religious service.”
Police told her that it was perfectly legal to broadcast the sound using speakers during a religious service.

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