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If You Wanna See The Face Of Tyranny During The “Election” Steal, Look At This Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy & Public Information Officer (Video)

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Published on: November 11, 2022

The elections are nothing more than the two dog bowls offered up to the public by the powers that pull the strings on their bought-and-paid-for puppets, and why people have not figured this out and not figured out that today, their vote really does not count because the election are stolen, is incredible to me.  Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the tyranny from the DC crime syndicate, you have to worry about it from the “Thin Blue Line,” or in this case, the Thin Brown Line.

Maricopa County is ripe with fraud in the recent election and the delay in counting is demonstrating that .

However, when reporters tried to enter a Maricopa County’s election-related events to cover the election discrepancies in Maricopa County, they were stopped by PIO (Public Information Officer) Ron Coleman, who was coordinating the press conference.

Notice how this criminal says the free press, which doesn’t need a pass nor a license has to go to a “free speech zone” on property that is supposed to be public but is actually own by the incorporated Maricopa County.

You can’t make up stupid, but Coleman is clearly stupid and demonstrates it in his unwillingness to address his unlawful behavior.

On top of that, the little tin hat  sheriff’s deputies come in to enforce the lawlessness, not the law and are just as stupid when it comes to the law as Coleman.

Seriously, if you want to know why people don’t trust the cops nor the political system, this 6 minute video demonstrates the core of the reasons behind that distrust.

If that wasn’t enough, they sent a drone to spy on them to make sure they stayed in their “freedom zone.”

Is this Arizona or is this Communist China?

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