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Illinois: Anti-Gun Muslim & Daughter Of Domestic Terrorist Muslim Defeated In Elections

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Published on: March 24, 2020

As more Muslims run for office in the united States, the good news is that many are being defeated, including an anti-gun Muslim man and a daughter of a domestic terrorist in Illinois.

Both stories come by way of Deplorable Kel.

First, she pointed out:

Rush Darwish was defeated in the Democratic primary election for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District on March 17th 2020. Darwish received 5.9% of the vote, coming in 3rd place out of 4 Democrat candidates.

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Darwish is anti-President Trump, anti-guns and pro-illegals.

Read more about Darwish here.

See election results here.

Then, the Muslima.

Ameena Nuur Matthews was defeated in the Democratic primary election for Illinois’ 1st Congressional District on March 17th 2020.

Matthews’ father is Jeff Fort AKA Abdul Malik Ka’bah, co-founder of the Black P. Stones gang and founder of its El Rukn faction. Fort was sentenced to 168 years in prison after conspiring with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism.

Not only is Mathews’ father a gangster and terrorist, but Matthews’ herself was a gang member.

According to reports, “Her father is Jeff Fort, a co-founder of the Black P. Stones gang and founder of El Rukn. He is serving 168 years in prison for agreeing to commit domestic terrorism in exchange for $2.5 million from Libya. Matthews, too, was a gang member. She has said publicly that her children and her Muslim faith pulled her off the streets and guided her toward her peace work.”

Matthews was defeated by Incumbent Bobby Rush. She received only 8% of the vote, being the least amount of votes received out of the four Democratic candidates.

Even more Muslims are running for office than ever before.

We have also reported on those that have won elections in the past couple of years.



I ask, where are you Christian Americans who will stand and be counted and represent your people and faithfully execute your duty before God (Romans 13:1-5)?

Where are true, God-fearing Americans that take seriously the responsibility of the civil magistrate as the minister of God?  Where are those who seek to uphold the law rather than violate it like Rep. Ilhan OmarRep. Rashida Tlaib and Attorney General Keith Ellison?

Where are you Christians?  Are you willing to simply sit back and let your country be taken by antichrists? (1 John 2:22; 2:18; 4:2–3; 2 John 1:7).

If your idea is to simply live and let live and not war against the schemes of the devil and not bring forth the true Gospel that saves, along with opposing those who are at war with God, then your Christianity is missing something important.

I encourage you, if you believe you should move into the political realm to represent your people, as well as honor your Creator, I would implore you to do so.  Contact me, and I’ll support you as best I am able by the means God has given me.

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