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Immoral Doctor Suggests Involving Children To Witness Murder By Physician Procedures Beneficial To Them

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Published on: March 3, 2020

If you don’t think the medical profession and physicians have taken a nosedive, you have not been paying attention.  While some may find it difficult to harp on the medical profession because they were a part of it, I, certainly, do not.  What is passing for doctors and nurses today, in many cases, is unconscionable.  Those of us former nurses, current nurses and doctors who were educated using the “old school method” (and you medical professionals know what I’m talking about) are considered “antiquated” in our views of patient care – treat the patient holistically when illness/disease can be treated and provide comfort measures and care when going through the dying process.  Moreover, we were taught that “euthanasia”/murder by physician was unethical, immoral and illegal – against God’s laws.  Yes, I went to a Christian, all-female nursing school.  And, I thank God every day for leading me there for education.

For some unknown reason, medical professionals are embracing the idea of murdering those who want to end their life, but have not the stomach to do it themselves.  In no way am I suggesting that one is “brave” to end one’s life.  What I am saying is that it is the continued action of cowardice to involve and infringe upon another to help with/assist with/commit murder.  Those medical professionals who embrace this horrendous practice are now involved in the debate of including children at the bedside when engaging in murder by physician.  The original article/post by Dr. Susan Woolhouse can be viewed at the University of British Columbia website.

This is what this “doctor” had to say.

I have had the privilege of being involved in over 70 assisted deaths, either as an assessor or provider. The average age of individuals receiving medical assistance in dying (MAID) is 72 (1). In my experience, they die surrounded by their adult children and, occasionally, by their grown grandchildren. One day I received a referral for a 40-year old man, and I realized how ill-prepared I was to support a family with young children through MAID. Yet, instinct told me that involving children in the MAID process of their loved one was possibly one of the most important and therapeutic experiences for a child. My past experiences during my palliative care rotations reassured me that children could benefit from bearing witness to a loved one’s death. Why would MAID be any different? I set out to learn more about how children grieve and ways in which I could support children through the dying of a loved one seeking MAID.

Contrary to our instinct to protect children, children who have more end-of-life information have less anxiety, better trust in health care professionals and better psychological well-being. (2-4)

A Swedish study that explored parents talking to their dying children about death found that no parent regretted speaking candidly to their children, but that one-third of parents who did not have these frank discussions regretted not having done so. (5)

We can care better for children by preparing them for life’s hard stuff.

Assuming that children are given honest, compassionate and non-judgmental information about MAID, there is no reason to think that witnessing a medically assisted death cannot be integrated as a normal part of the end of life journey for their loved one. If the adults surrounding them normalize MAID, so will the children.

Adults “normalizing” murder by physician will help the children “normalize” murder by physician.  Anyone else see where this is going?  It is indoctrinating the next generation to accept the murder of their loved ones for “reasons”.

When my daughter’s cat was injured, we did everything we could to save his life.  However, his leg was going to have to be removed since the treatment did not save the leg.  During his convalescence, he stopped eating and drinking, losing weight and becoming lethargic.  He tried to get outside but he was defenseless.  The vet recommended the cat, Herbert, be euthanized because he was essentially starving himself to death because of the drastic change in his life.  My daughter was seven at the time.  We explained it to her, told her that it was time for Herbert to go to Heaven, said goodbye to Herbert and left.  She was very upset.

The next month her great-grandmother had to have a knee replacement.  My daughter asked if her great-grandmother was going to have to be “put to sleep” because of her leg surgery.  She equated what happened to Herbert with what was going on with her great-grandmother.  It was a long and careful conversation to explain the difference.  Many questions followed.  Therefore, I cannot see that involving children in the actual act would be beneficial since I consider the act murder.  But more than that, children cannot grasp certain concepts until a certain age.  It has to do with the cognitive developmental stages.  And, there is the psychosocial developmental stages identified by Erik Erickson that also drives what an individual is accomplishing at different ages that play along with this as well.

Dr. Woolhouse does not acknowledge these different stages of development to determine if a child can even accept the concept of the end of life, much less whether it is advisable to expose a child to a murder by physician if the child cannot understand the difference in severity of illnesses.  My daughter was a good example of why not to expose a child to a procedure that results in death.  It is not a procedure, even with an animal, that I could endure, much less expose my child to it.  To hear a doctor indicate that this murder by physician should be “normalized” so children will normalize it is just pure evil.

Dr. Woolhouse continues and her “advise” gets even better toward the ludicrous.

You can ask: “Can I provide you with some information about how you might talk with your children about MAID?” In order to do this, parents/caregivers will need some tools about how to approach this difficult conversation. Here are some of the suggestions that I give families:

Have the adult initiate the conversation about death and dying and then let the child take the lead about how much information they want. You can try starting the conversation with: “I’m wondering if you can tell me what you understand about what is happening to [their loved one]?”.

Make sure to name and explain the disease using correct language. Be honest about what you don’t know. There are many great resources directed at helping to explain dying and terminal illnesses to children. (Resources #1-4).

When explaining MAID to children, reinforcing that dying is not due to lack of effort is important. Their loved one wants to live and watch them grow up. But their disease makes this impossible. You can also explain that the disease does not have a cure and that despite trying different treatments their loved one is going to die. Here is a suggested way to explain MAID:

“In Canada, when someone has an illness that will cause their body to die, they can wait for this to happen or they can ask a doctor help. The doctor or nurse uses a medication that stops the body from working and causes the body to die. This is done in a way that isn’t painful”.

There are great resources to help guide these conversations (Resource #5,6).

Her explanation to the child that murder by physician isn’t painful is dishonest and an outright lie.  These lethal injection drugs have not been verified by any agency to be pain free and are being used experimentally on these individual requesting to be murdered.  Some of the information is based on research by Professor Jaideep Pandit as published in the British Medical Journal.

Pandit reports that the complications include:

difficulty in swallowing the prescribed dose (up to nine per cent) and vomiting in 10 per cent, both of which can prevent proper dosing. 

Re-emergence from a coma occurred in two per cent of cases, with a small number of patients even sitting up during the dying process, the authors said. 

After oral sedative ingestion, patients usually lose consciousness within five minutes. However, death takes considerably longer.  

But in a third of cases, death can take up to 30 hours, and some deaths took as many as seven days to occur (four per cent).

The recently released 2018  Oregon DWD assisted suicide report indicates that the longest duration for death was 21 hours and when the DCMP2 lethal drug cocktail was used the average death took 2 hours.

The Oregon report did not report or address the extent of suffering caused by these lethal cocktails.

In an article appearing in The Seattle Times, written by JoNel Aleccia, reported on the experimentation on individuals with differing “cocktails” to find a cheaper “cocktail” for murder by physician.  It was summarized by Alan Schadenberg in the original source article.

Research into a new death drug cocktail began after Seconal became too expensive and Pentobarbital became unavailable in the US. The article states:

The first Seconal alternative turned out to be too harsh, burning patients’ mouths and throats, causing some to scream in pain. The second drug mix, used 67 times, has led to deaths that stretched out hours in some patients — and up to 31 hours in one case.

The lethal drug cocktail experiments were done with human experiments. Even though people suffered greatly from the lethal cocktail, the drug experiments were done on 67 people.

There were several other articles written detailing the same issues with these lethal cocktails as documented by JoNel Aleccia.  Even though these articles are several year old, there has not been any additional information to counter these documented horrors.  The current cocktail being used is dubbed DDMP2 for its components – Digoxin, Diazepam, Morphine Sulfate, and propranolol, which is still producing prolonged and unpeaceful dying according to a 2019 article in Anesthesia.

And this so-called doctor, Susan Woolhouse, proposes to include children in this!  It’s abominable.

So far, very few of these pieces of legislation provide for protection of conscience rights of health care professionals who refuse to participate in government-sanctioned/controlled murder by physician.  This means that if medical professionals and the general public do not rise up to oppose these atrocious, illegal, immoral, unethical, unconstitutional laws, those who refuse to participate, as a professional, based upon conscience could see some punitive measures from the government, employer or both.  And, it all seems to be flying under the radar since very few news outlets report on this and national lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia has ignored this issue.

This not only affects physicians.  It affects nurses and pharmacists as well.

The exposure of our children to the depravity and immorality of the LGBTQrstuvwxyz “lifestyle” as normal creates confusion among all age groups.  Moreover, we are seeing an increase in sexualization of children, some as young as kindergarteners, and the oversexualization of our children through immoral teachings in the school system.  Now, some idiot doctor wants to expose children to a murder by physician scenario where these lethal cocktail drugs produce prolonged dying and suffering during the process.  Imagine how much trust that would instill when taking a child to the doctor.

They came for the most innocent – unborn babies.  They came for the elderly – Obamacare and government-sanction/controlled murder by physician.  Now, they target the mentally ill and “incompetent” while advocating for children to watch this horrid procedure and suffering of their loved one.  How much more evil are we going to tolerate to appease the “woke” anti-constitutionalists and those with deranged minds?  Hopefully, it is before the abuse of involving children in this immorality can occur.

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