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Education: Up In Smoke?

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Published on: March 3, 2020

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, what if I told you that Congress is ramping up MORE federal control over how our children live? Especially when it comes to what type of habits they have.

What do I mean? There are at least 3 bills from the 116th targeting youth (ages 18 to 21) and their choices in smoking. Be it cigars, cigarettes, or vapors (e-cigarettes).

Let me pause right here and state for the record that I do not promote smoking at any age. However, research shows that most smokers, including youth ages 18-21 start WELL before the age of 18.


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So why has Congress dedicated so much time to focus on the habits of our youth? Economics and control of humans is what I’m ‘betting’ my research on.

HR 2339 And S 3174:

Warriors, these two related Bills are called the “Reversing Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act”.

HR 2339 is 46 pages and was sponsored by Rep. Pallone (NJ). HR 2339 has 126 co-sponsors. Since the beginning of 2020, this Bill has added about 24 more Representatives to bring the total to 126. States represented by these recent Representatives are: MN, TX, MI, MO, PA, RI, CA, CT, NM, IN, NY, and OR. Other States represented by those co-sponsoring in 2019: WA, AL, FL, CO, TN, MA, MS, HI, AS, and GA. Two ‘at-large’ Representatives from D. C. and the American Virgin Islands also are in support of HR 2339.

Warriors, you might be interested in the accompanying House Resolution for HR 2339. That’s H Res. 116-866.

Be sure to read the Conference Report for HR 2339, as well. It’s 84 pages and has lots of ‘Congressional findings‘.

“Education” is embedded 17 times and will focus on the public via media. “Youth” is embedded 84 times. “Taxes” are embedded 10 times. “Fees levied” shows up 110 times. (*Note: ‘fees levied’ is another phrase for taxation.)

S 3174 is 35 pages and sponsored by Sen. Sherrod (OH). This one has 11 co-sponsors. States represented: OR, CT, RI, MA, IL, MD, CA, DE, and NH.

Warriors, directly above is an image detailing the biggest points from both HR 2339 and S 3174. Where can we expect this type of government control in education BEFORE the ages of 18 to 21?

The Secretary of the Health and Human Services has been given a tremendous amount of ‘free reign’. We can expect that IF one of these becomes law, it will be passed down to those in our schools and communities (remember, it’s a public health issue) via ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), your State Depts. of HHS, Early Head Start, Head Start, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and every other type of service or funding stream directly/indirectly tied to education and public health.


It won’t stop there, though. Remember the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement) has several public health parameters which must be conformed to. Medicaid, especially will be controlled, not by We the People, but international commissions deciding for us. In the image below, look where public health ‘lands’.


HR 3223, “Resources To Prevent Youth Vaping Act”:

Warriors, this House Bill directly related to the two Congressional Bills above. HR 3223 is sponsored by Rep. Shaheen (NH) and has 5 co-sponsors. This one will definitely carry economic impacts, as well as mandate who has access to what type of smoking devices.

While I don’t support smoking at any age, we need to understand this, especially those 18 to 21, are making a personal choice. Those choices are supposed to be protected under the U.S. Constitution. We also need to understand that the federal government has ZERO business telling us (at any age) what choices we can and can’t have. Nor, should the federal government involve so many in authority to ensure we are ‘towing the line’.

Because ‘vaping’ is an alternative for those under 18 (as well as past 21), AND all these Bills are making this issue ‘public health’ we can absolutely expect ‘school safety’ programs to encompass this. So much indoctrination is occuring RIGHT NOW in the name of ‘school safety’. We can also expect the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) to address smoking (as well as all other bad habits) via ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

From La Sierra University, this quote about ACEs“ACEs are the root cause of many serious academic, social and behavioral problems that have the potential to prevent a child from receiving the full benefits of education.”

Warriors, let me point out, I’m not saying children should exercise their freedoms to smoke (or participate in other bad habits), BUT the government shouldn’t be the parent in this situation. I’m also not saying that children shouldn’t be taught the health dangers of smoking, BUT ACEs and SEL micro-manage attitudes, values, and, beliefs to criminal levels ALREADY. Those teaching may OR may not have the medical degrees to properly lead the students. Again, this is not the school’s job to address medical needs for the communities.

These Bills from the 116th WILL only ADD to these existing problems NOT fix them!

From 2019:

Warriors, this 2019 USA Today article showed how Big Tobacco was lobbying Congress to increase the age of smoking to 21 (especially for e-cigarettes). Open Secrets shows that Big Tobacco spent almost $28 million in lobbying Congress in 2019. For contrast, Big Tobacco spent just over $72 million back in 1998.

If you visit the Open Secrets link, look at the global companies. Then, think USMCA and the 116th Bills I’ve featured.

If you access the USA Today article, here’s S 1541, which was mentioned with Sen. McConnell’s name.

S 1258 and HR 2411 (Tobacco to 21 Act) were introduced in 2019, as well. These would prohibit the sale of all tobacco to anyone under 21.

Now, Warriors, ask yourselves this: What happens when you prohibit someone from doing something, especially harmful? Do those warned or regulated actually avoid the danger or do they flock to it simply because it’s now more attractive to them? Any parent can tell you what happens. Some will obey, but many will go ahead because they refuse to be controlled.

While expanding the age for who can buy tobacco might be a good idea, focus on the fact that both these Bills are more concerned with health care costs and wages lost than our children’s well being.

Warriors, this directly plays back into the Congressional direction of being more ‘global’, in other words, how the US can continue to usher in the UN’s SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

Wait, what Lynne?

lazy_placeholderWarriors, be sure to enlarge that image you see. To access the article it comes from, go here.

To access the World Bank’s “Moving the Needle” Report (where you can find the ‘sin taxes’ and how they are to fund aligning us to all the same health care), go to this archived article.

Now, scroll back up to the image for S 3174 and HR 2339. Compare how my 2018 information is playing out in 2020.


Warriors, 2020 is an election year and we are seeing early voting taking place RIGHT now. Remember, almost 90% of the U.S. Congress is up for re-election or filling vacant seats. If we wish to STOP Congressional nanny-state-itis, we MUST elect ‘clean’ candidates!


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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