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Incompetent State Dept’s Marie Harf Defends #JobsForISIS Comments Unsuccessfully after Twitter Beatdown

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Published on: February 19, 2015

By now, just about everyone in America has heard the ridiculous claims of State Department spokesperson Marie Harf that stopping the Islamic State (ISIS) could be done by providing these cretins with job opportunities and working with Middle Eastern countries on their “governance” and helping to improve their economies.

According to, the Twitterverse was not buying her claims and the hashtag #JobsForISIS sprang up almost immediately to mock Harf’s suggestions. One tweet suggested ISIS members could replace Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” or become an MSNBC anchor. Another tweeter suggested members of ISIS could become “land mine sweepers” while another thought a good job for these cretins would be “cadaver for US medical schools.”

It didn’t take long for Marie Harf to take to Twitter to defend her statements. Harf tweeted, “Military ldrs [leaders] have long said CT [counter-terrorism] takes more than military action. Adm. Mullen in 08: ‘We can’t kill our way to victory.'”

How would anyone know whether that is true or not since this country has not mounted a sincere effort to win a conflict since World War II? No one has argued that any armed conflict can be won solely by killing the enemy as it takes intelligence operatives to help identify key supply routes, ammunition depots, whereabouts of commanders/leaders, and troop movements in order to effectively cripple the opposing force through disruption of those components. Harf, the “intelligent” State Department spokesperson, has totally missed the point of the ridicule – offering job opportunities to ISIS will not stop their advancement. Neither will helping Middle Eastern countries’ economies or governments.

Of course, Harf’s next stop was Bush. “And let’s not forget George W, Bush’s comments on CVE: ‘We fight against poverty because hope is an answer to terror.'”

Harf may not be aware that many did not agree with Bush’s take on it either. But, when all else fails, invoke Bush as if all America supported his statements on terror.

Continuing the defense of her remarks, she went on to tweet, “Point is that pols across spectrum, military cmdrs, & CT experts all agree strategy needs to address conditions that allow extremism to grow.”

Well, it seems all the “experts” have missed the mark by a good old fashioned country mile. Of course, what can you expect? There’s a man occupying the Oval Office who supposedly was a “constitutional” lawyer.

All these military commanders and counter-terrorism experts need to read a bit and they will understand what condition exists that allows ISIS and their propagation of terror. Better yet, all they have to do is listen to the clerics and imams stating the obvious. It’s very simple – Islam. However, anyone who has an “expert” position to be able to advise the government is either a Muslim Brotherhood member/operative, CAIR member, ISNA member, follower of Islam, an America hater, or an individual who has his head buried so far where the sun doesn’t shine in political correctness they couldn’t pour pee out of a boot with instructions written on the heel.

Ms. Harf, I don’t know where you were educated and really don’t care; but, my dog has more sense than you and your supposed experts. This dog comes in from the rain because she knows it’s raining. She doesn’t stand there continually getting wet and cold thinking it’s a water fountain gone awry. You and your “experts” are standing in the rain trying to tell people this is a water fountain gone awry when the people know better.

My dog recognizes immediately when something or someone is a threat. The hair on the back of her neck bristles, she growls and barks, and prepares to defend herself, regardless of the size of the threat. She certainly is not inviting them to come eat and drink from her bowls. America should be so lucky to have leaders like that instead of the incompetent twits that are trying to say “ISIS can be stopped by job opportunities.” Or, is that something you pulled from Bush because you thought America, in particularly Republicans and conservatives, supported him wholeheartedly?

Most Americans know that Obama is not interested in stopping ISIS as he continually announces military strategy over the air waves for all to hear. He is, after all, a Muslim sympathizer being a Muslim himself. In fact, one could say Obama is only about destroying Israel, invading Syria, supporting Iran, and handing America to the highest bidder on a silver platter. He’s certainly working as fast as he can on the internal destruction of America.

Let’s be honest here, Ms. Harf. Obama and his administration, which includes you, are nothing more than traitors, supporters of Islam and against everything upon which this country was founded.

So here’s a piece of advice that you should take to heart: Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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