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There’s always a “Hold Your Breath” Moment when there’s a Tree Falling

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Published on: September 1, 2014

As you watch the following video, if you haven’t seen it, then you will probably be thinking that this is a disaster that’s about to happen. However, pay attention and wait as this guy perfectly falls a tree between a trailer and another building.

Though at first, I wondered if he wasn’t thinking and cut the tree and it was going to fall on the building. I couldn’t tell if the building stretched behind the tree or not. Yet, once it began to fall, it was apparent that his guy has some skill when it comes to taking a tree down.

Notice how he falls to his knees rejoicing, and apparently thanking God for the incredible tree fall. He took out neither the building nor the trailer.

I can’t say as much for the decking though. It appears to be completely ruined, but perhaps the gentleman wasn’t concerned with the deck. In fact, seeing that the tree was in the middle of the deck, I am prone to think that he was removing it in order to build a new one.

I don’t know how old the video is nor the gentleman who made the cut, but it was pretty impressive.

Some of the comments that were made showed obvious amazement.

One person commented, “This is perfect” while another exclaimed, “A professional!”

“Ha ha very good job” was the response of another viewer.

Still another viewer commented, “Talk about EXPERIENCED in the field of felling trees..Hoorah. Super job.”

Others commented, “A true professional at a hard profession!” and “WOW He is good at what he does.”

So, the next time you have a tree problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find this guy, maybe you can hire him.

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