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Indiana Hysteria and the Radical Left’s True Objective

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Published on: April 2, 2015

“We all have a shared desire here to protect perhaps the most precious of all American liberties – religious freedom. … [Our founders] well understood what could happen to this country, how both religion and government could be perverted if there were not some space created and some protection provided.”

– President Bill Clinton, Nov. 16, 1993, upon signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

In July of 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released the results of its first National Health Interview Survey on sexual orientation and health, which showed that just 1.6 percent of American adults identify as homosexual, compared to 96.6 percent who say they are heterosexual.

Not that this minuscule figure is insignificant from a standpoint of civil rights, but it does give rise to a few important questions:

  • Considering that less than 2 percent of Americans self-identify as homosexual, why is there such a vigorous effort to accommodate homosexuals afoot, and to legitimize not only the lifestyles of homosexual men and women, but a broad range of generally unrelated sexual preferences, practices and gender identifications?
  • Further, why are the youngest of Americans – school children – a central focus in this endeavor of public policy?
  • Most importantly: From whence did this imperative arise?

The answers both illustrate and confirm something I have said for a long time: Efforts on the behalf of homosexuals in the area of civil rights have precious little to do with the civil rights of homosexuals (real or imagined) and everything to do with achieving the optimal moral debasement of American society.

Although many homosexuals argue for the normalcy of their sexual orientation, it is not their desires nor motivations that have driven the agenda reflected in the points described above. That was the brainchild of radical leftists, who have spent the last 50 years insinuating themselves into positions of influence in America.

Their objective of moral debasement gave rise to the imperative for neutralizing Christianity, America’s chief force for moral stability.

As we know, the state of Indiana and its governor, Mike Pence, are under fire over a new state law that attempts to protect religious freedoms. An enhancement of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993, the law is largely a reaction to the recent spate of individuals, religious institutions, businesses and associations across the country that have been targeted by homosexual activists and the “gay” lobby for litigation based upon their religious beliefs. These have led to the de facto persecution of Christians via government attempts to remediate homosexuals’ frivolous legal complaints.

Take note of the fact that the ensuing hysteria around the law – and it is hysteria – has involved not only the “gay” lobby, but a broad swath of the political left.

Since the Indiana bill was signed into law, the state has been set upon by prominent leftists in the press, as well as on social media. Across the board, the law is being framed by the left as a measure that has effectively legalized discrimination against homosexuals, which is a clear misrepresentation of the law.

I would add here that historically, the left and the “gay” lobby have been quite capricious in their definition of “discrimination.” That is, it has been anything that meets their definition of discrimination at a given time.

No matter – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said he planned to sign an executive order banning all city-funded travel to Indiana; San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee made a similar pledge, as did New York’s Gov. Cuomo. From politicians, to liberal CEOs, to dull-normal starlets, the hammer came down hard on Gov. Pence and his state.

“Is tolerance a two-way street or not?” Pence asked during an interview last weekend.

Well, the fact is that tolerance is not a two-way street because of the aforementioned objectives. The knee-jerk responses to Indiana’s law and specious rhetoric are nothing but mock outrage, and a clear indicator of the underlying agenda. The top-down reactions from the officials of liberal cities and states are indicative of the left’s imperative in framing the discussion – not the concerns of homosexual people at large.

Ignoring the less-than-2 percent figure (which was generally suspected, but only recently confirmed), the left can advance the notion that every third person one meets is probably homosexual, that sexual orientation and identification are critically important issues in schools, and that there is some sort of institutional oppression of these unfortunates in play, driven of course by intolerant Christians.

They can then justify President Obama’s appointment of a militant homosexual – who some argued was actually a pedophile – to his position of “Anti-Bullying Czar.” A television network can justify showcasing the life of a vehemently anti-Christian, militant homosexual bully in prime time – all in the name of “diversity.”

And we’d better not complain, lest we’re tarred, feathered and labeled as “bigots.”

These days, you can’t swing a dead cat on a prime-time television drama or comedy without hitting the subject of homosexuality – the legitimization of homosexuality or gratuitously placed homosexual characters or references – and the unsubtle demonization of anyone who might possess divergent or “homophobic” views have become ubiquitous in nearly all entertainment media.

Sadly, by Monday of this week, Gov. Pence was already starting to equivocate under the political pressure, defending Indiana’s law but vowing to “clarify” and “fix” the policy to ensure that it does not provide the latitude for discrimination.

From a secular viewpoint, one can look at this unwarranted pro-homosexual bent as immature, indulgent and politically driven, which it certainly is. From a Christian perspective, the motivation is far clearer: The ongoing efforts to over-sexualize and create gender ambivalence, as they subvert the character of individuals, families and communities, are ultimately diabolical. The denial that homosexuality itself is aberrant and that its normalization is manifestly subversive is simply part of the deception.

After all – when you’re engaging in the wholesale destruction of a once God-fearing nation, what’s a little deception?


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