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If Reelection is the Goal, Americans Will Never Take a Stand

It is unusual for me to listen to the radio while driving alone. If I do, it is usually some news or preaching program. Today, I decided that I would listen to talk radio while I ran a few errands. This was a mistake, as, by the time I had listened to the “talking-head” for five minutes, I was screaming at the radio, like a madman. When I arrived at my next destination, I had to cut off the truck and take a moment to collect myself.

I had turned on the Mike Gallagher Show. He is a conservative, and I usually have no problem listening to him. He was fielding calls and discussing the current issue over the Religious Liberty laws in Indiana and Arkansas, respectively. Then a caller challenged Mike on something he had said, which I had not heard. I was shocked at what he claimed Mike had said. I was so shocked that at first thought I had misunderstood what the caller was saying.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

I do not remember the exact wording, so I will not attempt to quote, but essentially the caller was calling Mike out for advocating concession. Mike Gallagher wants Republicans to back off this religious liberty law. What is his reason? Does Mike think that this is a bad law? No, that is not what I got from what I heard.

Does Mike Gallagher think that sodomites and their practices are acceptable or are not sin? I do not think that is the case either. I am sure that he has stood against the “gay rights” movement and sodomite “unions.” Now, I have been known to misunderstand things in the past, so I do not want to seem to be putting words in Gallaher’s mouth, but I do believe that he would be in support of the law.

However, Gallagher seems to have only one thing in view here and this is why we are losing our culture and our country. Mike Gallagher basically says that we have too many other things that we should be focusing on right now. He says we should be focused in on Hillary’s emails. We should be forcing other issues that will hurt the Democrats during the election. Essentially, we need to get elected or reelected. But is this not what we conservatives complained about Obama, that he was not governing, but campaigning?

Gallagher said, “We have to live to fight another day . . . We have already lost this argument.”

“So, when do we get to win?” The caller asked.

By now I am screaming at my radio, but it seemed the caller was not after an “aha moment” here. This man actually asked what all of Judeo/Christian America has wondered for thirty years. This question made me pause in my own rant and listen. What would Gallagher answer?

“When we have a conservative in the White House,” Mike calmly said, as if giving a profound nugget that would stop all arguments. And for the caller, it actually did stop his argument. He even gave Mike an “amen.”

It stopped me for a moment as well, as I sat in a stunned stupor. I could not believe my ears. It was reminiscent of little Ralphie realizing the decoder he had waited so anxiously for was an advertising tool. Anger and disgust filled me as I saw that the end of all the Republican efforts are only focused on power.

If we have to back off abortion, sodomite “unions,” big government, and theft taxes until the elections are won, there will never be a time to stand. If our object is to be in power, then we will never have a time that an election is not upcoming. If there is always an election that is upcoming, we will always find it more prudent to back off these hot-button issues.

This kind of thinking is why babies are being murdered every day in this country. Weak-minded, wimpy men are running our political system and apparently our conservative radio shows. But, the moment I had this morning as I sat pondering the unbelievable statement of Mike Gallagher convinced me that there is a little more to this than that.

It seems that these “talking heads” are more useful to the Left than we realize. They may be the very force of the glacier. They like the thawing and refreezing of the glacier water. They work their way into our crevices and move us further down the road. It sounds insidious, but it is the only way to explain their actions. If we are not seeking to undo the wickedness that is destroying America and its people, then why am I voting for you?  Why should you get my vote when in reality that is all you are really concerned with?

The issues that bring the most fire and produces the most damage are the issues that matter. And all these “conservatives” do is point to small fires and call on us to be calm. What’s that old saying about boiling a frog alive? They are complicit in boiling us slowly. But, they do not realize that in doing so, they are burning down their own house. I am all but done with Republicans. It is better to deal with the man you know is a devil than to deal with the one you are unsure is one.


Michael Ware

Michael is a husband, father and elder in the church he attends. He also writes at and

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