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Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda (Video)

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Published on: June 12, 2022

“When they’re through with Africa, they’re coming for you.” — DR. STEPHEN KARANJA

The lawless men and women parading their murderous intent of depopulation always mix actual murder with sterilization.  Yes, it’s even been a part of American history as well.  We know it as eugenics.  In a new short documentary, executive producer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and director Dr. Andrew Wakefield expose this diabolical agenda pushed on the world population.

The film is presented by the Children’s Health Defense.

The film exposes a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment carried out under the guise of a vaccination program, that resulted in the sterilization of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent.

“Watch the chilling tale of African women whose fertility was tragically stripped away through an experimental tetanus vaccination program. Are women everywhere next?”

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