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What The Interview-Sony Hacking Debacle is all about: Hollywood getting its Due for Supporting Radicalism

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Published on: December 27, 2014

These Hollywood people really crack me up. People who admire them think they’re intelligent and worldly because they’re rich and well-traveled, but many are really the most shallow and stupid among us. People tend to forget that since they’re actors, they can act intelligent – but it’s just… an act.

So, now Hollywood celebrities are enraged because Sony Pictures cancelled the release of the film The Interview on account of the antics of the fat, teenaged hamster who runs North Korea. How dare they tell us what kind of movies we can make, and how dare Sony capitulate to threats?

How stupid and shortsighted they are. Why? Well, because they’re not seeing this in terms of the big picture (pun intended). There’s a reason that some have drawn comparisons between The Interview-Sony hacking debacle and The Innocence of Muslims, the film which the Obama administration tried to blame the September 2012 attack on Benghazi and Muslim uprisings in the Middle East on. In addition to having nothing to do with Benghazi, Innocence was actually made by a long-time operative and informant for the Justice Department, but we won’t talk about that because it would incriminate the White House.

If people in Hollywood actually did employ their grey matter once in awhile, they would have put together the fact that with respect to Innocence, we were supposed to learn that there are simply some things we cannot say. One may recall that President Obama condemned Innocence, and made every effort to see that human eyes never again set upon one frame of the film, on YouTube or anywhere else.

Yet, Obama has said that Sony having pulled The Interview was “a mistake,” and by golly, he’s gonna get to the bottom of this hacking thing. A bit of an incongruity there, don’t you think?

Well, since our friends in Hollywood in their infinite stupidity haven’t yet figured out that everything President Bowel Movement says is a lie, there’s something they aren’t aware of: Obama finds the fact that Sony cancelled this movie’s release simply delicious.

And why might that be? Well, it’s obvious: Radicals like Obama and Company don’t favor free speech and free expression. Our friends in Hollywood don’t know that this is what the whole IRS targeting of conservative political organizations was all about – nor would they care, since it was conservatives being targeted.

They also don’t understand that communist con artists like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Obama always exploit their supporters and then throw them under the bus. Like Jack Reed, the effete, naïve American journalist who went to Russia to help the Bolsheviks with their glorious communist revolution, only to be used, abused, and tossed off like a used condom, our friends in Hollywood are now reaping the fruits of their having supported out-and-out Marxists. Leaving aside the possibility that, like Innocence of Muslims, The Interview-Sony hacking phenomenon was entirely orchestrated by the Obama administration, it is more that mildly humorous hearing the strident tones of outraged Hollywood celebs chiding Sony for their cowardice. I can almost hear Jack Reed dressing down Leon Trotsky for editing his propaganda, only to be told that he was nothing but a condom to be used and tossed off. In the Marxist world, your talents belong to the State, and should only be used to represent the State’s views.

Our friends in Hollywood can’t even see what’s right in front of their faces: The system they supported in their stupidity and naïveté is now coming after them.

That’s what this Sony hacking phenomenon is all about. We – Hollywood, and everyone else – are being conditioned to accept that we can no longer say what we want to say. We must knuckle under to tyrants, whether it’s a fat teenaged hamster, or a six-foot-three, black, former crack head, closeted homosexual bowel movement.

Thus endeth the lesson.


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