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IRS Chief Says he Wants Closure to Lerner Email Investigation – But Does He Really?

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Published on: September 18, 2014

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told reporters that he wanted to find Lois Lerner’s alleged “missing email” because he wanted “closure” on the issue.

According to WND, Koskinen made statements to that effect before going before the House Oversight Subcommittee.

Gary Kant reports:

He also claimed he wasn’t aware of any system-wide backup consisting of 760 servers that might contain Lerner’s emails, which Judicial Watch said it had learned of in documents obtained with a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request.

When asked why Lerner’s Blackberry, containing all of her emails, was wiped clean even after she and the IRS came under suspicion for abusing their power and targeting the president’s critics, Koskinen said it was just disposed of under standard IRS recycling procedures because it had become obsolete and was replaced.

Koskinen also told WND Lerner’s Blackberry would not have held all of the emails in her office computer, just those accessed.

After the IRS chief gave the same explanations to the subcommittee looking into the scandal, Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, blasted Koskinen, accusing the IRS and the Obama administration of issuing a constant stream of “false and misleading statements.”

Jordan and his fellow Republicans on the committee did not severely challenge Koskinen’s explanations regarding the servers and Blackberry. But they repeatedly expressed exasperation over learning testimony had been untrue after new revelations had come to light, time and again.

Jordan reeled off a list that included:

  • Assurances the IRS was not targeting conservatives
  • Lerner’s assertion the targeting was part of the ordinary review process
  • Lerner blaming the targeting on employees in the Cincinnati office
  • Former White House spokesman Jay Carney blaming the targeting on “lying” Cincinnati employees
  • And, President Obama blaming the entire scandal on a “bonehead” decision by a Cincinnati employee

Though Koskinen admitted twice that the federal agency did target conservatives, but it wasn’t limited to the Cincinnati office.

Koskinen had said back in July, “There are some people who don’t want a straight story. They don’t want this to end.”

Jordan then questioned him about who “they” referred to and the IRS chief blew it off as “a general statement, no one in particular.” Clearly Jordan seemed frustrated since he also pointed out that Koskinen had sponsored a bill that called for a special prosecutor.

Let’s be clear here. This man is heading the Internal Revenue Service. If he can’t get hold of these “lost emails,” which everyone knows is a bogus claim, then who can? Mr. Koskinen, by simple logic here, is continuing to play a game. The reason that “they” (whoever that is) want these hearings to continue is because they will never get anything from them. People will continue to be outraged, it will make for good political banter as the mid-term elections come upon us and no one will ever produce anything. In fact, no one will lose their job and no one will go to jail. Why? Because there is corruption in Washington.

There is no question that House panel voted to hold her in contempt of Congress, and there is no question that she stood before an investigative committee declared her innocence, pointed the blame at others and then said she would plead the Fifth. Then, she did it again. She was chastised for it by members of Congress and yet, nothing has really come of it because of spineless, lawless elected officials. In fact, her punishment is a nice retirement with full pension.

Remember Eric Holder? Congress also voted to hold him in contempt…over two years ago! Meanwhile, a lawsuit lingers in court to do something to make that vote stick because the Justice Department said they would not prosecute him. Imagine that!

We know that Lerner’s emails could be easily accessed. We know that she printed some of them out. If Koskinen really wanted closure in this matter, he could get it in a matter of minutes, but we all know why he isn’t bringing it forward. It would bring more embarrassment and possibly expose more criminal activity in this administration. We know that Lerner was involved in providing tax exempt status to terrorist supporting organizations, including Barack Obama’s own foundation.

While the story in the media has been that many hard drives have crashed, one needs to understand that emails do not require those hard drives. They are sent from one person to another and as we discovered, the IRS had an outside source that backed those emails up. Additionally, the DOJ has admitted the emails exist, so why is this moving along a slow track to nowhere?

There has been talk of arresting Lois Lerner. There was talk of arresting Eric Holder. So far, nothing has been done.

Justice in this matter should be simple and swift, but not when there is corruption all around.

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