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Is China Financing The South African Land Expropriation To Occupy & Take Control Of Southern Tip As A Military Strategy? (Video)

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Published on: October 21, 2019

A source of mine who lives in South Africa passed along an RPA Politics video commentary from an American and said this pretty well summed up the situation, that he believes China is financing both the African and white racism in order to acquire land.

Here’s the video.

One commenter in Australia wrote, “You seem like a pretty switched on dude. Look at what these trade deals have done to Australia. We are down a hole i dont know if we will be able to dig ourselves out. Our market has been flooded by cheap inferior chinese products. We no longer manufacture ANYTHING. Our government sends out foreign aide everywhere else but meanwhile our own farmers are struggling with drought and when they finally have to give up, china swoops in and buys the land, australians soin wont be able to eat the food grown in our own country. We have foreign owned mines coming in, getting our limited water supplies for free, but our own farmers cant have the water? Not to mention, they buy up all the seaports so not only to they have the land but they have the entire train of production. People cant afford a house because again, chinese investors have made housing unaffordable for the people who live here….. meanwhile people are becoming more and more reliant on government handouts, because its destroyed our jobs and people have no choices anymore…. its huge and scarey.”

Another commenter stated, “The Chinese are long term players. They do NOT plan around immediate gratification, rather, 10s and 100s of years ahead. THAT is why Mao had plans to move over 250-million Chinese to Africa – China will largely not be inhabitable. That is also why they are prioritizing the access routes there (maritime silk road, silk road..), food (especially in places where the lands will be fertile but are currently deserts) as well as resources they will require for their citizens.”

Still, another added, “The Chinese are going to replace the white farmers that are being removed from their land. That’s why they’re assisting it. Essentially, Africans are removing one discomfort for another.”

“Sounds about right,” my source, who served in the special forces before Mandela took control, told me.

“Our war was not against race but against Communists,” he added.  “This makes a lot of sense.”

Taking the land of white Africans to give to black Africans is not only theft, but it is also an integral part of Communism, just as my source has said, and as the guy in the video explains.

Interestingly enough, it is a spiritual battle as well.

It was white Dutch reformed Christians who settled and developed South Africa and now, it is blacks, empowered by the terrorist who has long ago been given his reward, Mandela, who are the ones who have been pushing for expropriations of white-owned farmland.

My source went on to comment about the debt of South Africa to China and how China will seek occupation of the land, specifically the southern tip of Africa.

“Our South African government already is in huge debt to China,” the source told me.  “Next they will take occupation – their objective is the control of the southern tip of Africa as a military strategy.”

“The USA better take note of this real quick,” he warned.

The one thing that needs to be addressed here is the fact that the white South Africans have had gun control and confiscation and limitations very similar to that being advanced by the Communists in our own government to their own detriment.  It has left them almost defenseless against the onslaught of those they would seek to not just rob them of their land, but also of their lives and the lives of their families.

It seems clear that the times have changed from when much of Africa used to be against China.  That is no longer the case.

Watch this brief video of the history of that change and come to your own conclusions about what China is doing in Africa.

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