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Is This Indictment Against Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid & Others Authentic?

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Published on: April 25, 2018

I received an indictment against a host of people including Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey citing that it is a case of “murder, wrongful prosecution, abuse of powers and subversion by enemies domestic against We The People of the United States of America.”  Upon first glance, one might think it to be authentic, but there are clear problems with it and I want to point them out quickly so that people don’t get their hopes up with this document.

First, you can view the document below.

Northern New York District Court Clinton Indictment by Tim Brown on Scribd

Notice that in the blue the case number has LEK-DJS added to it.  That was the first indication that it is a fraudulent document.

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Second, a simple call to the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York will quickly confirm that this is not an authentic document.

Third, the fact that CV is in the case number demonstrates that this is a civil filing, not a criminal one, which as I was told by the representative at the USDC for ND of NY would be CR or CS.

Already, some people are putting this out as authentic.  One YouTuber failed to verify the information and posted a video about it without doing his homework.

While someone surely took a lot of time writing it and has some great information in it, no indictment has been made against any of the people listed in the paper.

Be wary of any talk of indictments being filed against any of these people.   I know people want to believe the best, and surely I am one of them, but I’m not so naive as to think that this is going to come about so easily.

In any case, I hope the information is helpful to you.  You can verify it yourself at the District Court’s website or give them a call at 1-833-771-4945.

Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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