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Is This What You Say To The People To Become The President Of The United States Of America? Joe Biden Is Saying Everything To Ensure A Donald Trump Victory!

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Published on: October 7, 2020

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” -Vladmir Lenin

If you want to get voted in to become the president of the United States of America, do you tell the voters what they want to hear like Donald Trump or do you tell the voters what they don’t want to hear like that of Joe Biden? That is exactly what Joe Biden is doing.

Why do you suppose that Joe Biden would say the things that he does? You don’t win the American people by telling them things that you will support which clearly violate our laws and threatens our freedoms, but Joe Biden does and the American people still cannot figure out how this wrestling match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is being led about (Ezekiel 12:2). To take either one of these clowns seriously shows the extent that the American people have been dumbed down (Hosea 4:6).

If you have not figured it out yet, Joe Biden is merely driving support to Donald Trump to ensure a victory.  It is called leading through opposition.

Before I get started, I wanted to make you aware of the fact that not long ago, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, were being called out for treason with the Ukraine-Russia against the United States (Luke 22:48; Article, Section 3 US Constitution).

Joe Biden has been exposed as a pedophile and a sexual abuser.  He has been a part of a criminal administration that literally transgressed the US Constitution over 1,160 times, and yet, somehow or another, the American people have accepted him as a legitimate candidate (Jeremiah 5:21).

With that aside, let’s get to some examples so you can clearly see how the clowns in the circus keep the show going, ie. the global agenda moving forward.

Joe Biden tells the people of this country that he will lift the Muslim ban into America his first day (Deuteronomy 28:43) in office.  Is this what you tell the American people that stand overwhelming against Muslim infiltration?

Joe Biden does… Who in their right mind would vote for him besides the Muslims that mean to conquer? No one!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, you know the good guy, funds Muslim organizations three times that of Barack Hussein Obama – This is treason!

Judicial Watch Reports: Trump Aiding and Abetting Terror Tied Muslim Organizations x 3 in America By Dumping Tens of Millions Into Them

Joe Biden said that he would make Roe vs. Wade the law of the land (It isn’t the law of the land nor can it ever be so).  For the record, when the Nazis did this, there was an outcry worldwide to put a stop to the crimes against humanity. 60 million babies have been murdered in the US and here you have a candidate saying that he will make the murder of the innocent the law of the land (Proverbs 6:17).

Worry not though, friends.  Your other option, President Donald Trump, has got this well in hand.  You know, Trump is the self-professed most pro-life president in American history.  That is what we have been told by Trump, the mainstream media and creepy Vice President Mike Pence. In fact, Donald Trump has increased the funding of Planned Parenthood 100 million dollars more than that of Barack Hussein Obama.

So, what you are afraid that Joe Biden will do, Donald Trump is already doing it.

Planned Parenthood Continues To Get More Than 600 Million Dollars A Year From Federal Government

Breitbart News just reported that presidential contender Joe Biden stated that the Second Amendment does not say you are entitled to own a gun (1 Samuel 13:22).

Friends, are you tracking with me here? These are things you say to ensure that you do not get elected. This merely drives support to your propped up contender. This is leading through opposition.

Why would you tell 330 million people with 393.3 million guns in their hands in this country the opposite of what we all know is true?

Again, you need not worry, the president has already, in his first 500 days of his criminal administration, illegally and unlawfully overseen the passing of 55 gun control policies in 26 states and not called out a single one of them.

‘Not Coming for Your Guns?’ Since Parkland Shooting, 26 States Have Passed 55 Gun Control Laws

Did I forget to tell you that there are over 1,156 other presidential contenders and you probably haven’t heard a peep out of a one them, and why is that?  It’s because they are both controlled opposition; both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are on the same team.

Good News: You No Longer Have To Choose Between The Lesser Of Two Evils – There Are Now 1,156 Candidates Running For The Presidency…

Friends, this goes from the failed “wall” promises to that of Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education handing our school curriculums over to the United Nations to our national deficit going through the roof when he promised to eradicate the debt.

Donald Trump’s support of the sodomite agenda globally continues forward, as well as his unfulfilled promises of prosecution concerning Washington D.C.’s corrupt. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO, AMERICANS (John 8:44)!

Whether Donald Trump wins or Joe Biden wins, the global initiative wins, period (Isaiah 28:18).  Joe Biden is ensuring a victory for Donald Trump and all of this is by design (Ephesians 4:14).

If The Mainstream Media Is Really Out To Get The President, Then Why Haven’t They Told You…


In conclusion: The video below is my interview with Dr. June Knight, who is a White House correspondent sharing with the American people her first hand experiences with the president and his blatant hypocrisies as to what he is like publically to that of what he is like in private (Matthew 23:3-1; John 2:4).

Wake-up (Ephesians 5:14).

White House Correspondent Dr. June Knight Telling Trump Supporters What They Need To Hear, Rather Than What They Want To Hear! “Donald Trump Is A Globalist” (Video)

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