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Islam is the Ebola virus of culture

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Published on: September 5, 2014

Islamic fundamentalism is the Ebola virus of culture. It is dangerous, contagious and fatal to any society, culture or nation which embraces it. And like Ebola, it can’t be eliminated, it can only be quarantined and contained. And quarantined it must be, to protect the living and the healthy.

Quarantine is the only approach to Islam that will protect America. It has to be contained where it is, in Muslim lands, and we must stop the importation of this Islamic virus at our border.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Let’s stipulate that the vast majority of Muslims do not want to kill us. Most of them are just trying to get by and make a life for themselves and for their families. Unfortunately, there is a deadly minority of Muslims who do actively wish our harm and are plotting to inflict it.

The problem is we can’t tell the difference between the Muslims who want to kill us and the ones who don’t. This means we must be careful with them all.

There are around seven million Muslims in the United States today. According to a Pew Research Poll from 2011, 19% of American Muslims think homicide bombings are okay.

If you do the math, that means 1,330,000 Muslims living right here among us right now are perfectly okay with the use of explosives to exterminate us with extreme prejudice.

The percentage of Muslims who support homicide bombings jumps to 31% among Muslim millennials. This, of course, is the cohort we have most to fear. Bluntly, this means that 1/3 of all the young Muslim men you meet would be happy to see you blown up. Think the Tsarnaev brothers here.

And it’s not just young males we have to worry about. A brand new story reveals that the latest recruit to ISIS is a 19-year-old woman from Minnesota.

President Obama has foolishly lifted the ban on Libyan Muslims receiving flight training in the U.S. Muslims in Libya, of course, now control 11 passenger planes. Word from Houston, Texas is that 22 Yemeni Muslims are learning how to pilot oil tankers. We have as many as 200 American Muslims with valid passports fighting for ISIS, and we have no plan to stop them from coming back into the country.

According to Pew, one-third of American Muslims support Al-Qaeda, the forerunner of ISIS (or the Islamic State, as they prefer to be known). And 49% of U.S. Muslims consider themselves Muslims first, not Americans, just like Major Nidal Malik Hasan who shot up Ft. Hood in 2009 and now wants to become a “citizen” of the Islamic State. And that 49% number jumps to 60% among millennial Muslims, the ones most likely to do us harm.

It is lethal folly to ignore these numbers in establishing immigration policy, just as it is lethal folly to ignore the Ebola virus in immigration policy. A number of countries have banned travel to or from the Ebola-ravaged countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Why have they banned travel by anyone from these countries, even ones who may be perfectly healthy? Because they have no way of knowing for sure who is carrying the virus and who isn’t.

Have they banned Liberian immigration because they hate Liberians? Are they Liberia-phobes? Of course not. They simply want to protect their own citizens from lethal infection.

It makes sense to suspend Islamic immigration to the U.S. for the same reason. While most Muslims in America do not want to kill us, a significant number do. We just don’t know which Muslims are carriers of the jihadist virus and which are not.

This, of course, would be an unfortunate hardship for peaceful Muslims who do want to immigrate here and wish us no harm. But the fault lies not with us, but with their fellow Muslims who do want to wipe us from the face of the earth.

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