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James Caldwell, The Presbyterian Preacher

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Published on: April 13, 2019

James Caldwell was a feared presbyterian preacher because he stood against tyranny and especially the tyrant King George across the pond.

Preachers like James Caldwell, King George named the Black Robe Regiment.

James Caldwell lived during the time of the Revolutionary War.  He was born on April 14th, 1734, and he was the youngest of seven children.  His parents’ names were John and Margaret Caldwell.

The Caldwells were Scotts-Irish and had great respect for God and a great hatred for tyrants.

James Caldwell took on preaching and like all the rest of the pastors in that day, he heard of the tyranny that was going on.

So, James Caldwell would carry two flintlock pistols every time he would preach

He would take the two pistols, set them on his pulpit and preach his sermon.  When he was finished, he would take the pistols, put them back in their holsters, walk to the back of his church and greet his congregation.

James Caldwell also joined the Continental Army as their chaplain and other preachers would do a lot like Caldwell.  They would tell the men of their congregation that the British were murdering their brethren.  Nearly every man in the congregation would get up and follow their preacher into battle.

James Caldwell, in one particular battle, heard that the men of the Continental Army saying they needed wadding.  They had fine weapons, but without wadding, their arms were no better than a club.

So, James jumps on his horse and goes to the nearest church and gathers up as many books as he can.  The books were Isaac Watts’ hymns so James jumps back on his horse and rides back to the army and throws out the hymn books while yelling out to his men, “Give ’em Watts boys, put Watts into them.”

That’s the kind of courage that these preachers had.

Sadly, shortly after that. James Caldwell was assassinated.  Many believe the man who killed him was paid by the British to do so.  His name was James Morgan, and he was hanged for his crime.

James Caldwell died in 1781, but his memory lives on.


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