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John Boehner is a Compromised Man

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Published on: December 15, 2014

Like so many that enter the halls of Washington, they either go into office compromised or they end up being compromised. Rep. John Boehner(R-OH) is such a man, but it didn’t take this election to demonstrate that. This writer has known for several years that Boehner is a compromised man and this latest round concerning the $1 trillion cromnibus bill further underscores just how much he has been compromised.

Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report tweeted this out on Friday:

Boehner’s drinking has been well known, and seemed most apparent during his scandalous actions at the Republican National Convention in 2012 when the establishment Republicans sought to change the rules illegally by denying the voice of the voters at the convention. He has also been rumored to have been involved in several adulteries, including one with an intern.

Consider that Drudge is the man who broke the infamous Clinton/Lewinsky scandal and reported on the “stained blue dress” before anyone, and that was back before the internet was really cool.

Yet, the question remains, is Boehner a compromised man? Is there actual dirt on Boehner and who has it?

First, let me say that there is no reason for any Democrat or establishment Republican to release anything on Boehner, even if they have it. He’s been playing WWE right alongside his supposed opposition. The thing is, those of us who know the game have called this stuff all along.

Drudge is right, Barack Obama got everything he wanted and more in the passing of the bill advanced by Boehner and the House leadership. Sorry for those of you who voted him back into office thinking it would actually change anything. You can’t say you weren’t warned though.

Anyone willing to look objectively can simply follow the record of John Boehner with regards to what he says and what he does. As I’ve said before, his rhetoric might sound good, but it’s what he does, or in some cases doesn’t do, that matters. And for those of us in the Tea Party, well Boehner and establishment Republicans are not our friends. They are our enemies.

Consider the government shutdown last year. Shortly after we entered that little dance, I said they would succumb to the demands of Obama and company within the two week period when there would actually be a shutdown, not the vacation that non-essential federal employees were given. Sure enough, that’s exactly what took place.

We know that the entire fiscal cliff deal was also giving Obama exactly what he wanted and Obamacare continued to receive full funding. However, Boehner played his part, didn’t he? He also caved on the debt ceiling. And remember those pay cuts that were promised by Boehner and House leadership over the budget? We never saw them. In the end, Boehner was re-elected as Speaker of the House and the American taxpayer continued to get screwed by the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

The question now is about Matt Drudge’s comment about the NSA having dirt on Boehner. I don’t know if they do or they don’t, but I know this: The man’s record speaks for itself and so far that record indicates that he is compromised, and a compromised man cannot be trusted to do what is right. We can’t trust his words or his actions. Therefore, we can’t trust him.

John Boehner has made it known that he isn’t fit to lead because it will just make his job harder. So why do Republicans continue to put him in the chair with the gavel? One would hope they have learned their lesson, but I’m guessing that many of them are just fine voting him back into that position because many of them are compromised as well.

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