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The Abortion Poem

Written by:

Published on: July 13, 2019

This poem will be included in my upcoming book: Poems, Short Stories and Politics. Each poem will be followed by a short story from my past or a social issue connected to the poem and pertinent to humanity. I am in the very beginning stages of this project and will be working on it while pursuing my master’s degree, as time allows.

Of what value am I, sitting idly by;

the most precious amongst us, they so savagely let die?

Of what value are we, sweet land of liberty;

throwing away the most cherished, of our responsibilities?

The preserving of life, our most fundamental right;

gone to the wayside, vanished without a fight.

We cannot take a stand, cannot express what we believe.

They hear not truth, for the lost they do not grieve.

It is our right they scream! Our right to choose;

thinking absolutely nothing, of the precious life we lose.

Our bodies our choice they so proudly decree;

not seeing the pain, they pour on humanity.

There will be no right to life, not for you and me;

If we fail to fight for those we have yet to see.

If a newborn baby they can happily watch die;

what is it you suppose, they think of you and I?

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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