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Kasich Outlines Immigration Stance on Face the Nation – And It’s Wrong!

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Published on: August 17, 2015

Appearing on Face the Nation, GOP presidential nominee candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich stated the way to solve America’s immigration problem is to “finish the wall.”

Speaking to CBS’s John Dickerson on Sunday, Kasich stated:

In my opinion there is a solution to this issue of immigration. Finish the wall, and make it clear. Anyone that comes over that wall once we’ve done it, you’re going back. And to the 12 million that are here, you know, legalize them, but make sure we don’t have anybody with a criminal element here. And have a guest worker program here. I think the country can unite around that.


Kasich stated, “And to the 12 million that are here, you know, legalize them, but make sure we don’t have anybody with a criminal element here.” When those illegal aliens crossed the border, they automatically broke US immigration law, thereby becoming criminals. Period. End of story. All have a criminal element just from violating US law. No society or government should reward criminals for criminal behavior, which legalizing these illegal aliens amounts to a reward for violating the law. It’s amnesty either way you slice and dice it.

He contended, “Finish the wall, and make it clear. Anyone that comes over that wall once we’ve done it, you’re going back.” Wall or no wall, the US should deport anyone that crosses the US border illegally back to their country of origin. Period. End of story — regardless of age. While many argue a wall will not stop the problem, it appears fences at the White House work. However, it isn’t the fence alone that is effective, but the fence in conjunction with monitoring and enforcement. The southern border does not have a wall but makeshift fences easy to scale, tunnel under and get through. The US southern border needs a wall similar to Israel’s West Bank barrier. Agents should patrol the border and border-monitoring stations need to be closer together. Those caught crossing illegally are returned within 24 hours.

“And have a guest worker program here,” Kasich states as a solution to the issue of immigration. At last count, there are 93 million Americans out of work. Yet, to solve the “immigration issue,” Kasich would support a guest worker program. Why? When Americans need jobs, guest workers are not needed. Currently, there is abuse rampant in many of the immigration visa programs. Moreover, some individuals in the US overstay their visa with impunity. These issues need addressing through enforcement. More appeasement will not insure compliance. With the US economy in the sewer and citizens out of work in record numbers, the government has the authority and right to limit all types of immigration to protect citizens and national security. However, government refuses to perform its constitutional duty, which has led to the immigration problems of today. At this point, legal immigration needs as great of scrutiny considering the economic and social conditions in the nation currently.

The immigration issue is complex but not without solutions. Those solutions are multi-leveled and should occur simultaneously to address the illegal alien invader problem. Per the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress is the branch of government responsible for establishing and passing laws on immigration and naturalization. It is up to Congress to provide the solution and the President’s job to make sure the laws are “faithfully executed.”

First, and foremost, the US government should enforce the immigration laws that are currently in place. US immigration law should not provide any contingency for anchor babies. States and the US government should deal with “sanctuary” cities according to the law for aiding illegal alien invaders. Illegal alien invaders should not receive benefits from any program reserved for US citizens, whether it is drivers’ licenses, public assistance, Medicaid, etc. — state or federal. The receipt of benefits by illegal alien invaders is a non-issue if immigration laws were enforced, “sanctuary” cities penalized, and our border secured and monitored.

Those individuals here illegally should be deported — all — no exceptions. By entering this nation through illegal means, they became criminals whether “dreamers,” here for freedom, a better life or work.

At the same time, this is happening, the barrier needs constructing and agents in place monitoring and patrolling the border. Many would claim this is a harsh stance. To be honest, this is no harsher than any other country that enforces their immigration laws.

Somewhere along the line, citizens of the US have been “conditioned” to believe we all owe the world something and we owe individuals of other nations an opportunity to immigrate to this nation. That’s bull. The US owes no one or any country anything. However, being that our “genius” leaders of the past disregarded the Founding Fathers’ warnings about “international entanglements,” our nation bends to appease outsiders to the detriment of our own citizens.

No longer are immigrants, legal or otherwise, required to assimilate to our culture. Instead, authorities encourage US citizens to embrace the culture of other nations, since anything to the contrary is labeled as some form of “centrism.” The American culture erodes more and more as unfettered immigration becomes the norm.

Kasich, as well as other politicians, should remove their “pandering for votes” political correctness hat and commit to following the constitution by enforcing current immigration law and working with Congress to revise key elements, such as anchor babies and unfettered immigration, to address a problem at critical mass affecting our national security and sovereignty. Anything else sells this nation and its citizen out to a growing non-citizen population that brings with it the “government” controlled thinking of their country of origin along with a criminal culture permeating every corner of our states. Kasich, as well as some other candidates, appear to appeal to illegal immigrants, their families, who cannot legally vote in this nation, and liberal low information voters, instead of standing for the citizens who will venture to the booths to vote and who work to pay the taxes government allocates to support these parasites.

Currently, Donald Trump is the only candidate that has formulated an immigration plan that is specific, pro-American worker, in-line with the average American thinking, and receiving support from the Center for Immigration Studies and Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R-AL), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest and the intellectual leader of the conservative movement. Surprisingly, Democratic contender for the presidential candidate nomination Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) also support Trump’s plan. It’s also worth mentioning that Trump’s H-1B visa proposal aligns with Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

Go here to read Trump’s immigration plan.

Like it or not, Republican candidates like Kasich are going to have a tough sell with conservative America on any immigration plan/reform that hints at “amnesty” following the unconstitutional actions by Obama. So far, GOP establishment candidates missed the memo as well as the shouts by US citizens that amnesty will not float. With RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) blasting Trump’s immigration plan, one can say Trump “might be on to something.”

Regardless of who is contending for the presidential nominee or what “plan” they formulate for anything, citizens need to ask the right questions of the candidates and receive the right answer. If a candidate cannot answer those questions, they should not get one vote. After all, potential presidential candidates can say and promise anything. The Constitution is the document binding elected officials and outlines the “job description” of each branch. Any overstepping of the bounds is usurpation and unconstitutional and unlawful.

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