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Opinions of Every Sort, But Never Facing the Truth

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Published on: August 17, 2015

Are you held captive by your own opinions or enslaved by the opinions of others? In my opinion, and I believe it to be true, opinions are just that, opinions. They are your personal view that eventually become stretched into a worldview and becomes the bias through which you will see life. They come out of our experiences, positive and negative, and our perceptions of those experiences. They set us up on an invisible track, a way of thinking and feeling that govern our behavior and way and of seeing ourselves and others. We were all “raised,” as children, to believe and do and avoid and compensate for the things life threw at us in order to survive.

Many of us are still trying to figure out what life is all about, determined to manage the invisible hand of “fate,” to prove we can “make it,” before it grabs ahold of us and slams us to the ground. Using our opinions as the guide, many of us try to control not only our life, but the lives of any others we deem necessary to control in order to be safe. Fear and trying to control that fear ultimately makes us victims of both fate and our own ill formed, opinionated selves.

On the other hand, there are many who have no opinion. They are afraid to declare themselves or their beliefs. Afraid they might make a mistake; they believe everyone else’s opinion is of more substance and value than anything they would have to say. They live in a constant state of uncertainty and confusion, willing to be convinced, persuaded, flattered, bought off or bribed by those who seem to be more knowledgeable about what to do and where they are going than they are about themselves. They prefer to fall back on the “experts” or recommendation of the professionals.

Though these folks are not willing to “stick their neck out” and put their “money where their mouth is,” they are willing to consume, listen to, and be courted by any number of agencies and opinions dedicated to the task of getting them to do or buy into or believe in something. They are content to embrace and endorse the ideas, the fads, the trends, the propaganda, and the manipulation of the mainstream, more interested in the perks of “going with the flow” of political popularity or personal gain than in knowing that they are being lied to. They are the masses of the “undecided,” entertained into oblivion, who have become immune to their own consciences due to all the hype and distractions that have been created for the express purpose of not only deceiving them, but annihilating them.

In this country of opinions, talk shows, debates and chit chat of every sort, where the displaying of opinions has become a national sport and talk show hosts, celebrities, the tragedy is that neither the opinionated nor the opinion-less have brought us back to truth. In this great nation, our opinions have replaced the truth with any assortment committees and discussions of the truth, until there is no agreement on even the certainty that there be such a thing as the truth. Truth has become re-defined through discussion and debates. We have become content to legislate, negotiate, and reword truth as each new occasion or personal whim would dictate.

The danger of conducting our life based on either our opinions or the opinions of others we have looked to as experts, is that if you have no absolute standard of truth, then there is no way of determining or knowing anything for sure. Because there is no way of knowing anything for sure, opinions rule. If we are content to live in the confusion of never knowing anything for sure, there is no telling if we are right and no one who can say we are wrong. If there is no absolute standard of Truth, nothing else can be determined as genuine, real, valid, just or good.

Most of us seem content to sit around and talk, talk, talk, sometimes about something, sometimes about nothing, and never about Christ. Why, in such a troubled times, when everyone seems to be looking of an expert, a guru, a prophet, a word, a secret sign, a magic power, a leader in the midst of a very corked and perverse generation is the mention of Jesus Christ the only real and notable offense? We are looking for laws and a leader to guide us through this mess, though we seem to be almost unanimous in rejecting the only rightful leadership and lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. He is the Truth and the basis for the solution to end all dispute. And this is not an opinion.

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