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Kentucky’s New Governor Puts Religious Freedom First – HomoFascists Sure to be Angry!

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Published on: January 1, 2016

A few months ago the nation was flooded with headlines about the saga of on Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis. In Kentucky, the county clerks across the state must put their signature on each and every marriage license that gets issued in the state. At least, they used to. This procedure might not seem like a big deal (and it wasn’t – until the Supreme Court decided that every state must allow and endorse sodomy-based “marriage”), but it means that people who may be morally opposed to sodomy-based “marriage” must participate in an activity they see as morally wrong.

Such was the plight of Kim Davis. When faced with the decision to either turn her back on her deeply held religious beliefs or contradict the federal government, she chose to stand by her conscience and for this she was sent to jail.

Through it all, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D-KY) sat idly by allowing one of his own constituents to rot in jail because he was too afraid to anger the liberal gods of political correctness and homosexuality. During the entire unjust process, Davis’ lawyers argued that she was simply asking not to be a part of these sodomy-based “marriages.” Beshear could have accomplished this by simply issuing an executive order that would allow the state to issue marriage licenses without county clerk’s being forced to sign their names to them. He chose not to and Davis was forced to sit through a mockery of a trail in what might as well have been a kangaroo court.

A few short months later Beshear’s horrible administration was over and a new conservative administration stood in its place. Under the leadership of Governor Matt Bevin (R-KY) the problem has been resolved in no time flat.

Prior to his election as governor, Bevin had pledged to aid religious people like Kim Davis, saying that removing the county clerks’ names from state marriage licenses would be “one thing [that] I will take care of right away.”

“The argument that that cannot be done is baloney. We’ve already changed those forms three times for crying out loud,” Bevin added to reporters in November prior to his election…

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, the legal group that represented Davis in court, said in a recent press release that Bevin’s decision serves as a “wonderful Christmas gift” for Davis.

“This executive order is a clear, simple accommodation on behalf of Kim Davis and all Kentucky clerks,” Staver said. Kim can celebrate Christmas with her family knowing she does not have to choose between her public office and her deeply-held religious convictions.”

“What former Gov. Beshear could have done but refused to do, Gov. Bevin did with this executive order. We are pleased that Gov. Bevin kept his campaign promise to accommodate the religious rights of Kim Davis. We will notify the courts of the executive order and this order proves our point that a reasonable accommodation should have been done to avoid Kim having to spend time in jail,” Staver added.

No, this doesn’t deal with the larger issue at play (the federal government overriding the rights of the state to decide how to deal with marriage – hello, 10th Amendment), but it does relieve some of the pressure that was being applied to Christians and other conscientious objectors in Kentucky.

Now we need to take the next step and demand that the federal government remove the boot from the neck of states like Kentucky and allow the citizens of these United States to decide for ourselves what we will do with our marriage laws.


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