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LA: 32 Cops Had Nothing Better To Do Than Break Up A Crowd At A 1-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party With Batons & Bean Bag Guns (Video)

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Published on: April 11, 2020

This is the insane tyranny that is being allowed to take place in the united States due to the lies of coronavirus and COVID-19, and yes, they are lies!  Los Angeles decided to send their “finest” to the tune of 32 of them with batons and bean bag guns to break up a gathering of more than 30 people, who simply chose to gather for the celebration of a little girl turning 1 year old.

KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles reported:

Police officers in Los Angeles were called to shut down a large gathering in Hyde Park after around 40 people showed up to celebrate a little girl’s birthday, in defiance of the coronavirus lockdowns.

The crowd was not happy when they were told to disperse, and officers had to call for backup as the crowd became “agitated.”

Shocking video captures a line of officers slowly walking down the street, trying to get people to leave. The officers maintain their composure while the crowd hurls insults at them. At one point, the officers used a loudspeaker to tell people to return to their homes.

It is unclear if the officers issued any citations or took anybody into custody for violating the stay at home order issued by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as officials try to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Check out the video.

The Daily Mail reported:

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti has instituted a shutdown on a city of nearly 4 million people and threatened uncooperative business owners with power shutoffs and arrest.    

By midday Monday, California had more than 6,300 cases and 132 deaths of reported cases, according to a running list by Johns Hopkins University. 

The clip begins with groups of women and children shouting at officers, who have formed a line. 

Moving forward, the police shift the partygoers away from the scene. 

At one point a loud speaker is used to tell the crowds to disperse.  

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti has assigned teams of city workers to ensure non-essential local businesses are complying with shut down orders. 

He is empowered to shut off their water and power if necessary, and the California Democrat has authorized the police to arrest those who continue to resist.

Garcetti said there have been no shutoffs or arrests so far and predicts that ’99 out of 100 will comply.’

Actually, he is not empowered, but they want people to think such a thing.

Yet, watch the absolute tyranny of the cops here.

So what is 99 out of 100 will comply, that simply means that the people have become sheep to be fed to the wolves, but there are still some who are not intent on being sheep here.

The people better get a grip on the reality that is surrounding them because if they acquiesce, they will find themselves under the boots of these cops enforcing unlawful orders.

This is only the beginning.

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