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Non-Essential Virginia Governor Signs More Gun Confiscation Bills Into “Pretended Law”

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Published on: April 11, 2020

Since both the US Constitution and the Virginia Constitution forbid laws restricting and regulating arms,  the actions of Communist Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to sign pretended legislation into pretended law are not just unconstitutional, they are criminal and should be dealt with as such.

MSN reports:

The Old Dominion has been the epicenter of the nation’s gun debate after Democrats took full control of the General Assembly last year on an aggressive gun control platform. Tens of thousands of gun owners from around the country rallied against new gun restrictions at the state Capitol in January while lawmakers ultimately approved 7 out of 8 of Northam’s gun-control package.

The governor announced Friday he’d signed bills that include requiring universal background checks on gun purchases, a red flag bill to allow authorities to temporarily take guns away from people deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others, and limited handgun purchases to one a month.

“This is an exciting day for me,” Northam said on a conference call with gun-control advocates.

“While we still don’t like them, they’re not as bad as they once were,” said Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Van Cleave also said his group would be filing lawsuits against the new pretended laws and seek to elect people who actually know what the constitution says and obey it.

The NRA listed the “laws” signed by Northam.

Senate Bill 70 and House Bill 2 criminalize private sales of firearms without first paying fees. There are no exemptions for sales between friends, neighbors, collectors, or fellow hunters. These proposals would have no impact on crime and are completely unenforceable. 

Senate Bill 69 and House Bill 812 arbitrarily ration an individual’s right to lawfully purchase a handgun to once within 30 days. 

Senate Bill 240 and House Bill 674 allow the seizure of an individual’s firearms on baseless accusations without a hearing or other opportunity for the person to be heard in court. They permit the government to seize firearms based on weak and nebulous standards of evidence. 

A person subject to a suspension of a Constitutional right should be entitled to high evidentiary standards, an opportunity to be heard, and the right to face his or her accusers. Civil liberties advocates from across the political spectrum have expressed concerns on these “red flag” schemes and how the procedure might lead to abuses of the process because of insufficient due process protections.  

House Bill 9 victimizes gun owners who suffer loss or theft of their property with a fine if they don’t report a lost or stolen firearm within 48 hours of discovering them missing.  

House Bill 1083 severely restricts parental decisions about firearms in the home while attaching excessive penalties for violations.

There were also these bills that were referred back to the General Assembly with amendments:

Senate Bill 35 and House Bill 421 destroy Virginia’s firearm preemption laws by allowing localities to create new “gun-free zones” in and around government buildings, parks, and permitted events. Criminals will ignore these restrictions, leaving law-abiding citizens unable to defend themselves and their loved ones. 

In January, tens of thousands turned out to protest the governor and the legislature and their tyrannical oppression of the people.  If you ask me, they probably should have done a lot more than protest, but I believe the people of Virginia are being pushed into a corner and when they come out fighting, Northam and company will not be smiling in the end.

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