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Lawsuit: VA Stripping Benefits from J6 Defendants Pre-trial

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Published on: February 13, 2024

The treasonous Democrats CANNOT do this. Apart from innocent until proven guilty, there was no crime. These patriots were protesting against the election coup d’etat.

The Democrats have infiltrated every agency and destroyed our institutions from within. This was key to Obama doctrine.

Lawsuit: VA Stripping Benefits from J6 Defendants Pre-trial

By:Wendi Strauch Mahoney , Uncovered DC, February 12, 2024:

It appears the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is targeting some J6 defendants by allegedly reducing or removing their benefits, in some cases pre-trial, which is against Department stated policy. Three J6 defendants brought their allegations to investigative journalist Breanna Morello, who then submitted FOIA requests in December 2023 on behalf of all three. They are JD (Jesus) Rivera, Hector Santos, and Kenneth Harrelson. The VA has been non-compliant with Morello’s requests and is now out of compliance with its policies because it has exceeded the time to respond. The policy states the VA has twenty working days to respond to a FOIA. Morello followed up with an email to the VA on February 6; however, she says the VA has yet to answer. As such, the VA is allegedly unlawfully withholding records, prompting Morello to file a lawsuit last Thursday, February 8. Morello contacted UncoverDC on the same day of her filing.

According to the lawsuit, Morello’s FOIA requested from the VA’s benefits and media/communications department emails sent and received from 3/1/23-11/1/23 on behalf of the three individuals, J6 defendants, who are also veterans. To date, Morello has received no acknowledgment of her requests and no determination as to whether the VA would comply with her request. Morello seeks to understand what prompted the VA’s decision to reduce or remove benefits, especially in cases where there were no felony charges involved or in one case where benefits were affected prior to conviction.

In cases with a felony conviction, the VA can “reduce compensation when a veteran is in any local, state or federal jail or prison for more than 60 days.” However, the VA may not withhold an individual’s benefits while awaiting trial. Upon release, however, a veteran can “resume receiving pre-incarceration disability payments.” The individual must “notify the VA within one year of release or provide official paperwork indicating scheduled release date.”

Jesus Rivera

Rivera, age 38, received word in July from the VA that the Department had reduced his VA benefits “from a 90% rate to a 10% rate effective the 61st day of confinement” following his conviction. However, Rivera had no felony conviction, only misdemeanor charges. Rivera, a cinematographer by trade, went to the Capitol on January 6 as an aspiring journalist hoping to break into the field by recording the events that day. Instead, he told Morello, “the exact opposite happened.” Rivera served 6 of his 8-month sentence in federal prison for going inside the Capitol and filming events as they unfolded. He is now serving 12 months of supervised release.

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Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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