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Legalized Murder By Physician Coming To Maryland – 3 Senators Break Tie Vote

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Published on: March 9, 2020

If you’ve been paying attention, I have been bringing to light the immoral, unethical, illegal act of government-controlled murder by physician, aka euthanasia.  For the most part, the stories have involved the nation of Canada while highlighting the States in the US that have enacted these types of atrocious legislation.  Should anyone be surprised that the politicians, based on overwhelming “requests” from citizens (sarcasm), support this type of murder using the moniker “physician assisted suicide”?  But, that is exactly what is happening – the new target State is Maryland.

According to a report by WBAL TV 11 News, “Assisted suicide legislation is again under consideration in Maryland, and its fate lies in the Senate”.

The End of Life Option Act would make it legal for doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to terminally ill patients who want to die.

Battle lines are drawn with an even number of people who support and oppose the bill. Unlike in previous years, there’s a public, full-court press by the opposition.

“Assisted suicide is dangerous public policy. When suicide becomes a medical treatment, it injects government pressure and profit-driven insurance decision into everyone’s end-of-life care,” said Kristen Hanson, with the Patients Rights Action Fund.

Kristen Hanson is correct in her assessment of government-controlled murder by physician.  Once these legalized murder laws are passed, murder by physician is viewed as a medical treatment.  A 2019 story out of Canada involving a man named Alan Nichols, 61, who suffered with depression, should be clear to indicate the intent to use government-controlled murder by physician as a medical treatment.

A British Columbia man who struggled with depression and showed no signs of facing an imminent demise was given a medically-assisted death despite desperate pleas from his loved ones, family members say. 

Alan Nichols was admitted to Chilliwack General Hospital in June, at age 61, after he was found dehydrated and malnourished.  One month later, he died by injection.

Days before his death, family members begged Nichols, a former school janitor who lived alone and struggled with depression, not to go through with the procedure. They still don’t know why doctors approved the life-ending procedure and insist that Nichols did not fit the government criteria of facing an “imminent death.”

“He didn’t have a life-threatening disease. He was capable of getting around. He was capable of doing almost anything that you had to do to survive,” his brother, Gary Nichols, told CTV News. “I didn’t think he had a sound mind at all.”

Here was a man who suffered from clinical depression and had grief issues needing to be addressed because he was physically healthy in all other aspects despite his history of a brain tumor and hearing loss.  Yet, Alan did not receive treatment for his depression and unresolved grief – No, the choice for the medical profession was murder instead of helping Alan and recognizing that any individual suffering with any mental incapacity, which unresolved grief and depression can cause, can not make a rational decision involving care.

In Maryland, the government-controlled murder by physician legislation hinges on the vote of three Senators to resolve a 23 – 23 vote.  Of course, supporters of the bill claim there are protections in place, as always, to prevent unintended consequences.

The bill would require the person to be terminally ill and death likely within six months. They must prove Maryland residency, be at least 18 years old and make three requests for a life-ending prescription. The request requires two witnesses, and a physician must certify the individual has the capacity to make the decision.

The physician has to certify the individual has the capacity to make the decision.  Well, any mentally ill individual or those suffering from unresolved grief and depression has the “capacity” to make the decision.  The question becomes, “Should that individual be considered competent to make that decision”?  Capacity and competency are two different things.  Children have the capacity to make decisions;  however, children are not competent to make many decisions.  And, when this atrocity has been implemented elsewhere, this option has become a medical treatment choice or forced medical treatment.  More on that later.

Debi Cirasole, a resident of Severn, Maryland, who is living with severe pain from a brain tumor, supports government-controlled murder by physician.

“I cannot be depressed. I cannot be anxious. This can’t be, because I am willing to give up, as most people say. This would be my mentally well, capable choice on my own,” Cirasole said.

WBAL TV 11 News continued:

Others oppose the measure.

“You’ll hear proponents of this law say, ‘It’s all about freedom of choice, it’s my right, my life.’ Well, I can tell you firsthand that these laws reduce your rights to care,” said Dr. T. Brian Callister, a professor at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, and director of Medical Student Rural Education.

“The lethal drugs used in assisted suicide have never been scientifically tested, and the U.S. (Food and Drug Administration) has never approved any drugs for this purpose,” Dr. Joseph Marine, vice director of the division of cardiology at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. David Meyers, a family physician, supports the measure for personal reasons, as he has a brain tumor.

“When I have them in my possession, I will be able to focus on living without fear of what will happen in the end of my life,” Meyers said.

“No one who claims to be a healer should offer death as if it is an option on a menu to choose from depending on how one feels in the moment,” said Sherman Gillums Jr., chairman of the federal Veterans’ Families, Caregiver and Survivors Advisory Committee.

Three senators who are on the fence may control the bill’s fate: Sen. Jim Rosapepe, a Democrat who represents District 21, which encompasses portions of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties; Sen. Obie Patterson, a Democrat who represents Prince George’s County’s 26th District; and Sen. Charles Sydnor, a Democrat who represents Baltimore County’s 44th District.

The measure passed the House last year and failed in the Senate due to a tie vote.

This bill does not indicate if the individual is required to self-administer opening the door to murder by physician, aka euthanasia.

Now to get to the issue of this being a “forced” medical treatment.  Several individual stories coming out of Canada indicate the medical professionals there, under their socialist health care system by the way, are murdering individuals as a course of medical treatment.  Read the comments.  There are two stories where the hospitals were implementing euthanasia methods as treatment – one survived but is now bedridden while the other died.

Hawaii, New York and New Hampshire residents are about to be faced with these same concerns should their legislation find its way to the governor’s desk for signature.

I have been in contact with Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, which has the support of numerous physicians and medical professionals.  While the focus was mainly Canada, Mr. Schadenberg indicated in one piece of correspondence that approximately 11 States in the US have “euthanasia” legislation either enacted or pending.  And, that number is growing.  His blog site has been the best information on the spread of this atrocity in the US as well as Canada and other nations.  Readers, you can be informed about the spread of this immoral, illegal, unconstitutional act through the website  There are petitions that you can sign opposing the legalization of physician murder at CitizenGo. 

Friends, it’s time to battle this spread of evil.  This is not biblical or in compliance with God’s laws.  The Lord commands, “Thou shalt not commit murder”.  So, why are people willing to support government-controlled murder by physician, aka euthanasia, medically assisted suicide (a misnomer) or medical aid in dying?  Simple.  This is being driven by evil people.  Good people must stand up because evil prevails when good people do nothing.

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