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Liberal, Black, Female Democrats Are Ruining Baltimore – Where Are The Men?

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Published on: May 5, 2015

The city of Baltimore is reeling. It has lost all sense of order. It has lost the sense of stability that the presence of good men provides.

Since the death of 25-year-old drug dealer Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody, we’ve heard from members of his family who say they’re satisfied with the criminal charges that have been brought against six Baltimore police officers.

We’ve seen Freddie’s mother, and we know she has a history of drug issues. Yet we haven’t heard from his biological father, and no one seems to care.

The city of Baltimore – like cities across America – is filled with Freddie Grays, who grow up fatherless, angry, and die young – yet no one marches for them or cries out for justice for them; no White House officials attend their funerals.

We have heard from Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a black liberal Democrat, who incredibly gave thugs on the street space to “destroy,” which turned into a full-scale riot.

Rawlings-Blake also gave a racially divisive speech at Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network and said, “We will get justice for Freddie Gray. If three black women at three different levels can’t get justice … you tell me where we’re going to get it.”

Apparently, Rawlings-Blake believes America is racist and blacks will only “get justice” if black women are in charge.

We’ve heard from Marilyn Mosby, the strident rookie Baltimore city state’s attorney and another black liberal Democrat, who rushed to charge the six police officers in Freddie Gray’s death – openly admitting she was siding with the thugs in the streets.

Of course, in the parallel universe of Baltimore, thugs are not thugs. Both Mayor Rawlings-Blake and City Council President Jack Young, a black man, apologized for calling the rioters thugs!

And now we’ve heard from Malik Zulu Shabazz, the former chairman of the racist New Black Panther Party. He led a “victory rally” in Baltimore and called for the six officers to be locked up., which is celebrating 18 years of fiercely independent journalism, was the first to expose Shabazz’s role in Baltimore.

The six Baltimore police officers – three white and three black – are being offered up as sacrificial lambs for angry black mobs. Nobody seems to care about the cops, or about the futures of the young black males in the street.

Addressing what is really wrong in Baltimore and in our inner cities requires honest reflection about the failure of black parents to raise their children in the right way. This is something that the elite liberal black leadership cannot afford to do. Power and wealth are much more important to them than telling the truth. It’s clear that black livelihoods matter more than black lives.

Liberal, black, female Democrats are running – and ruining Baltimore – so where are the black men of the city, other than in the streets?

We’ve heard much about Toya Graham, the black woman who slapped her son around when she saw him participating in the riots. She’s been hailed as “mother of the year.” It is good that Graham stopped the boy from rioting. And amongst lawlessness, it does seem comforting to see someone upholding the law. Yet I must say that a mother beating on a teenage boy is not good. Black mothers beating on their sons and daughters is a major problem in the black community, not a solution.

Toya Graham, her son and the other rioters on the streets of Baltimore could have used a good man in their lives.

President Obama weighed in on the riots, giving a “slap on the wrist” to the thugs, yet justifying their criminal acts by saying some police departments need to do some “soul searching.” Thanks, bud. America can always count on you to pour a little gas on the fire. What is really needed is some “man searching” in the black community. In Baltimore, two-thirds of births are to unmarried mothers, and single parents head almost 60 percent of Baltimore households.

Now some liberal Democrats are calling for more government programs and spending in Baltimore, even though the city has one of the most generous welfare systems in the country. Yet blacks in Baltimore didn’t riot and loot because of poverty. They’re acting out because they believe the lie that “white supremacy” and cops are waging war against them.

In reality, the meltdown in our inner cities stems from the replacement of good fathers with bad government.

Liberal black Democrats run Baltimore. It has a black mayor, black police commissioner and majority black city council, but young black men – not cops – are slaughtering other blacks.

Baltimore has the fifth highest murder rate in the country. Ninety percent of homicide victims and suspects in Baltimore are black. Ninety percent of those arrested for robbery are black. About 90 percent of those arrested for aggravated assault are black. Yet the black population in the city is only 63 percent.

So what can be done to prevent the death of more Freddie Grays? It’s really quite simple: Bring fathers back into the homes, and stop voting for liberal Democrats.

Watch Jesse Lee Peterson’s “Word on the Street” video, “Baltimore Mayor Must Step Down!; Black Rioters Are Thugs!”

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