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Life in Post Same-Sex “Marriage” America

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Published on: May 28, 2015

Thirty years ago there wasn’t a country on the planet that embraced same-sex “marriage.” In fact, had you suggested back in the 1980s that one day we would be arguing over the definition of marriage, you would have been laughed at or considered a paranoid lunatic or some kind of hate-filled homophobe. In actuality, you would have been a prophet.

Fast forward to June 18th, 2015 when the Supreme Court of the United States, under the culture-shaping “leadership” of Justice Kennedy, will most likely throw the 6,000 year old definition of marriage under the postmodern bus. It will, indeed, be a sad day for America and for her future…but it might not be so bad for the American Church.


You heard me right.

Changing the definition of marriage will only be a middle-of-the-road move in terms of re-engineering every definition of sexual right and wrong on the planet. Do you still think that there are only two genders? You’re so 20th century! You’re so binary! What a hater. Facebook is up to 58 different options for gender because they really care about people…unlike you. You just want to condemn them.

That’s good news for the real Church in America.

First comes marriage…then comes gender…followed closely by the transgender movement, man-boy-love, polyamory, and all kinds of things you’re old-fashioned mind has closed itself off to. And you thought the 1960s symbolized the Sexual Revolution? As our President likes to say: “That’s so JV.”

It may be “JV,” but it’s also good news for the real Church in America.

The final nail in the coffin of our old fashioned ways will be driven in by the Supreme Court’s decision – perhaps 5 years off – elevating all forms of sexual identity to a protected class. If your Church won’t “marry” a couple that engages in sodomy, it will lose its tax-exempt status. If your “Little Lambs” Christian pre-school won’t hire the nice cross-dressing teacher, it will lose its tax-exempt status, too. You don’t want to take the pictures at a sodomite’s “wedding”…or bake the cake…or print the invites? Say goodbye to your business and hello to nothing less than a stiff fine and possibly even jail time.

That’s good news for the real Church in America.

How can I say that? I’m glad you asked.

Strip away the culture war and our quest for political influence, as well as our Constitutional rights and what does that leave you? Two things: evangelism and discipleship. Welcome back to the first century Church, friend.

You say you want to follow Jesus? You’ll have to pay and pay big in the New America. It might cost you your business…or your tax-exempt status…or your freedom. Heck, it might even cost you your life. Are you willing to pay that price for the sake of the Gospel? Are you willing to suffer persecution so that your witness might burn all the brighter? Are you willing to lay everything down so that others might see your sacrifice and be compelled to ask why?

Christ did it for you. Will you do it for Him? It might not save America…but it will probably save Americans…and ultimately, in the end, that’s what matters the most.

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