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This Presidential Candidate Wants a 90% Tax Rate!

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Published on: May 28, 2015

C’mon, folks. When are we going to finally shut down the left wing of the Democrat Party? Americans keep voting for these people like their ideas, proposals and philosophies are mainstream. When are they going to realize that Democrats talk like moderate Republicans and vote like liberal socialists? Well… almost all Democrats do this… Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) doesn’t – he talks like a liberal socialist and acts even worse.

Seeing as he is the only current competition for President in the Democrat Party, the media is still treating him like an “actual” candidate. They’ve yet to cast him away like the fringe kook that he is. On Tuesday Sanders gave an interview to CNBC’s John Harwood where he dropped a couple of crazy bombs about his plans for America.

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HARWOOD: Have you seen some of the quotations from people on Wall Street, people in business? Some have even likened the progressive Democratic crusade to Hitler’s Germany hunting down the Jews.

SANDERS: It’s sick. And I think these people are so greedy, they’re so out of touch with reality, that they can come up and say that. They think they own the world.

What a disgusting remark. I’m sorry to have to tell them, they live in the United States, they benefit from the United States, we have kids who are hungry in this country. We have people who are working two, three, four jobs, who can’t send their kids to college. You know what? Sorry, you’re all going to have to pay your fair share of taxes. If my memory is correct, when radical socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, the highest marginal tax rate was something like 90 percent.

HARWOOD: When you think about 90 percent, you don’t think that’s obviously too high?

SANDERS: No. That’s not 90 percent of your income, you know? That’s the marginal. I’m sure you have some really right-wing nut types, but I’m not sure that every very wealthy person feels that it’s the worst thing in the world for them to pay more in taxes, to be honest with you. I think you’ve got a lot of millionaires saying, “You know what? I’ve made a whole lot of money. I don’t want to see kids go hungry in America. Yeah, I’ll pay my fair share.”

“Fair share.”

I love how it is that liberal politicians seem to believe that they get to be the arbiter of what “fair share” is in the American economy. Did these politicians work the 50, 60, 70 or 80 hour work weeks that high income producing American did? Did these politicians bear the burdens and stress of running a company, managing a business, caring for employees or dealing with problems that might arise? In the 80’s, 90’s and into the 2000’s, the wealthy got much wealthier… and everyone else got wealthier too. No, the middle and lower class didn’t see their wealth increase at the same rate as the wealthy… but if everyone is getting wealthier… does it matter that the rich are doing it faster? Today, after a decade of Democrat economic policies, the “wealth gap” is wider than EVER before and NO ONE is getting wealthier.

That’s what Democrat policies of tax and spend do – they make everyone less prosperous.


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