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Lois Lerner Gets Targeted by Conservative

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Published on: October 8, 2014

Former IRS criminal Lois Lerner was recently questioned by conservative Jason Mattera, author of the book Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars. Not wanting to answer the public for her crimes against them, Lerner actually tried to barge into one of her neighbor’s home unannounced.

The video, which was filmed on September 29, 2014, has gone viral since its October 6 debut.

Lerner, who would not say one word to Mattera, though he gave her every opportunity, attempted to make her way into an elderly woman’s home as Mattera asked her whether or not she felt bad for using the government as a weapon against US citizens to quiet political dissent.

When the elderly woman, who had recently had surgery, would not let her in the home with her two dogs, she begged the woman to call the police on Mattera and his cameraman.

Following her retirement, Lerner, who made a whopping $3557.69 per week during a paid leave, is now receiving a pension of nearly $100,000 per year at tax payer expense. That’s right. This criminal against the people of the US is continuing to take their money though she used her position for years to attack them using the IRS, while at the same time helped terrorist organizations achieve tax-exempt status, including Barack Obama’s Foundation.

“You didn’t hesitate to target conservatives, but you’re hesitating to speak, why?” Mattera asked Lerner as she headed for the house of a neighbor to seek refuge from the barrage of pointed questions that exposed her criminal activity against the American people.

Her cries to call the police fly in the face of the very Constitution she cited to keep her from answering questions posed by the people, via their representatives. After all, the Congress not being allowed to write laws against the exercise of the freedom of the press to question and point our corruption of government is enshrined in the First Amendment. So what Lerner wants is not only to keep quiet about her criminal activity and that of the agency she oversaw, but she wants to violate the Constitution and have the press silenced from asking her questions about what she was engaged in.

“You don’t like being targeted, do you?” Mattera continued. “Any idea where those missing emails are?”

“Maybe just an apology?” Mattera pressed. “I’m sorry? I used my position as a government official to try and crack down on political dissent? You don’t feel bad that you were using the government as a weapon to try to crush political dissent? Anything Mrs. Lerner?”

At this, she requested her neighbor call the police.

Mattera reiterated the fact that Lerner didn’t like being targeted. “It doesn’t feel good, does it?” he asked. “Not even an apology?”

When she continued to petition her neighbor to come inside, Mattera asked, “Why should we leave you alone? You were trying to use the IRS to crush political dissent! You can see why many individuals think you’re a disgrace to public service, right?”

At this point the man who owns the house approaches and she says that Mattera and his cameraman are bothering her, but the man responds like any other red blooded American, “I don’t want her in my house.”

Lerner then left and tried to approach another house to get away from the press asking her questions about her criminal activity.

We need more Jason Matteras. In fact, I call upon all journalists who can get to Lois Lerner’s neighborhood to camp out there and not let her leave without confronting her illegal activity. In fact, instead of following the “entertainment news” and the news that doesn’t effect people’s lives, how about these journalists start holding the corrupt politicians accountable in a fashion that is similar to Mattera’s? I’ll back those journalists any day of the week! May God raise up many more of these courageous young people!

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