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Longest Held Political Prisoner Journalist Files Complaint Against Attorney Larry Klayman To DC Bar Disciplinary Counsel

Attorney Larry Klayman, who often talks a good game in front of the cameras, has been involved with a lot of high profile cases over the years, but often has very little to show for it.  Though he has had previous complaints against him, he is now the target of one to the DC Bar Disciplinary Counsel, and the man bringing the charges is Pete Santilli, the longest imprisoned political prisoner journalist in American history after he reported on the Bundy Ranch in 2014 and the Malheur protests in Oregon in 2016.

Santilli filed the complaint against Klayman on January 28, 2019 with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel in the District of Columbia.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The complaint had two major points.

DC Bar Complaint Against At… by on Scribd

According to Santilli, Klayman promised him and his fellow defendants that he would “file a Civil/Bivens lawsuit against federal Judge Gloria Navarro, Harry Reid, President Obama, et. al. in an attempt to get relief for our unlawful detention without due process.”

Santilli said that because they were considered to be “political prisoners,” and because of Klayman’s advice, they believed that it was a plausible legal course of action to obtain relief and due process.

Klayman is alleged to have collected donations from the prisoners’ supporters for “legal fees,” filed the lawsuit under another attorney’s State Bar license without their permission.

Mr. Klayman filed the lawsuit in Nevada using an attorney’ name and bar number who was not only in bad health, but according to Santilli was also “incompetent to handle the case.”

Klayman then failed to follow up on the case, provided no legal work and then persuaded the attorney he used to file, Joel F. Hansen, to file a “stipulation to dismiss” the case so that he would avoid paying legal fees for losing the case.

During this entire time, Klayman continued to collect monies under the guise that he was performing legal work.

Second, Santilli claims that he “prepare a presentation package of their legal case, including confidential and privileged legal strategy and discovery material for the purposes of “Mr. Klayman conducting an in person presentation with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein.”

Klayman then sought donations for the purpose of traveling to Washington DC, as well as preparing correspondence on the defendants’ behalf.

The defendants then discovered that the entire legal package was forwarded to Sessions without permission, who then turned it over to the prosecution.

Santilli stated, “…my life was destroyed partly by Mr. Klayman’s negligence & what I believe to be malpractice”, and Santilli credits Klayman to be partly responsible for his having to accept a Felony plea agreement.

Klayman continues to receive donations through his website with no accounting of the funds given.  Anyone considering donating to that site should immediately refrain from doing so.

Shari Dovale at Redoubt News questions whether Klayman is a “Deep State Saboteur.”  She adds:

Klayman’s response to the ethics complaint was to call Santilli and email him demanding he withdraw the complaint, or face consequences, which could include violating his federal probation for the plea agreement in the Bundy case.

Santilli described in the supplemental complaint that Klayman is “threatening to make false allegations to my Probation Officer for the purposes of having me re-incarcerated”.

Klayman has also claimed that Santilli is working for Roger Stone, apparently due to Stone having been a guest on the talk show, as well as multiple episodes discussing the recent events and referencing Robert Mueller and his investigation.

The attorney is currently representing Jerome Corsi, known as “Person 1” in Roger Stone’s indictment. Corsi is expected to testify against his longtime friend and associate in a move some would call “ratting out”.

No, he’s not that.  He’s controlled opposition.  He is playing the game in order to shut up those calling out the corruption.  I have at least two friends who were involved in high profile cases prior to the Bundy case, and both of them have told me privately that Klayman simply cannot be trusted.

I even carried Klayman’s articles at one time at Freedom Outpost.  While the articles were good in what they presented, once I discovered what he was doing at the time, I could not in good conscience carry them anymore.

It appears that Klayman is in it only for the money, and should be disbarred as well as charged with multiple crimes, including fraud.

To demonstrate it’s not just Santilli’s word, nor the word of friends of mine, Dovale also provided another complaint against Klayman from almost 4 decades ago.

She writes:

The DC Board of Professional Responsibility, in their Disciplinary Docket No. 2017-D051, as shown below, outlines multiple times Klayman has been found to have made “misrepresentations” and “omissions”.

In it, it states that the Ninth Circuit concluded that Klayman has “made it a pattern or practice of impeding the ethical and orderly administration of justice.”

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Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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