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Man That Claimed He Went To The Moon Threatens “To Knock In The Head” The Man Asking Him To Swear To It On The Bible (Video)

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Published on: November 22, 2021

“Do you want me to knock you in the head?” -John Young Apollo 12


One has to ask the common sense questions as to why it was that there was only one “official” press conference when it came time for the men that allegedly had gone to the moon to express their experience of having walked on the moon?

Considering that trillions of dollars have been withdrawn from the tax-payers coffers and paid into that of NASA, you would think that the American people would ask the same questions when it comes to the truth of the matter.

Furthermore, you would think that astronaut John Young would be thrilled to answer questions coming in from a reporter about his experiences on the moon.  The reality was just the opposite (1 John 3:12).

John Young looks bewildered at the question, then afraid, and in the end, runs away after threatening this reporter. Kind of odd.  Watch for yourself (Luke 12:2).

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