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McConnell: American People want things done to the Political Center

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Published on: January 5, 2015

Republicans are ready, so they say, to take charge of Congress this week. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated that Obama needs to talk to Republicans at this point since the party claimed a Senate majority back in November. In an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” that aired on Sunday, McConnell stated, “And that’s good, because when the American people elect a divided government, they’re not saying they don’t want anything done. What they are saying is, they want things done to the political center, things that both sides agree on.”

Evidently, McConnell has some “crystal ball” or psychic ability that told him the American people want Congress to operate in the “political center.” This one statement by McConnell has indicated that, for him, legislation isn’t about maintaining or restoring the Constitution or even abiding by the Constitution, but legislating more in the “political center” with “things that both sides agree on.” McConnell has shown by his statement that he would rather work in issues both sides agree than to force hard issues that need to be addressed in order to keep America constitutionally sound.

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It has been no secret that McConnell is more than willing to bend over backwards to “negotiate” with Obama and his Democratic ilk. McConnell even stated in the interview his “accomplished negotiations.”

“You know, the only agreements that have been made during these [Obama] years on a bipartisan basis, I negotiated – the December 2010 two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts, the August 2011 Budget Control Act, and the December 31, 2012, fiscal cliff deal. So I’m not opposed to negotiating with this administration.”

As many may recall, the fiscal cliff deal boosted federal spending by $332 billion over the next ten years. While many Republicans opposed this “deal” by a majority House vote, John Boehner supported it, just like McConnell.

McConnell has yet to learn that “negotiating” with Obama means “giving in” to the whims of a child. The only compromise that is being done is on the side of Republicans – Obama has not had to give an inch because Republicans are very eager to participate in bipartisanship. The Republicans, fearful of the negative publicity and unsavory labels, would rather “negotiate” than stand their ground on issues that are crippling America.

In the interview, McConnell stated that the American public sent two messages to Washington this past November – they were upset with the President; and, they were tired of a dysfunctional Washington.

“And so I think the message from the American people is they’d like to see a right-of-center, responsible conservative governing majority. That’s what the Speaker and I tend to provide. And, hopefully, we will have enough followers to do that.”

One has to wonder what kind of “water” McConnell has been drinking. Neither he nor John Boehner have exhibited any kind of “responsible, conservative” leadership. In fact, these two bozos have demonstrated the opposite – they are ready to “slip and slide” behind the scenes to sell-out constitutional government in favor of “progressive” whims while pandering “I did all I could” to the American public. Time after time, these two farces have presented false images, refused to follow the law of the land, and exposed their cowardice in fighting for conservative values. More times than not, these two exhibit RINO tendencies or outright Democrat party allegiance.

McConnell identified his top priorities as jobs and the economy. He indicated that he wanted to push back against the Obama administration‘s “overactive” bureaucracy that has created jobs loss, especially in the coal and mining industry, and approve the Keystone pipeline. McConnell stated that regulatory onslaught has been the principal reason the economy has not recovered after the 2008 recession.

While McConnell agreed the Obamacare legislation was “a terrible” law, McConnell has not committed himself to repealing it. What McConnell has declared is options to “take out pieces of it” that are unpopular with the American people.

McConnell stated, when asked how he planned to please conservatives while broadening the Republican base ahead of the 2016 presidential election, “We need to do both.”

“We need to both look for areas where we can make some progress for the country, and obviously to do that, we’re going to need some Democratic senators because we need 54, not 60 and we’re going to need the president of the United States.

“There are other areas where we’re not going to agree. What I hope Senate Republicans will present to the country is a conservative right-of-center governing majority, serious people elected in serious times to try to get results.”

Well, Mr. McConnell, you certainly have proven how “serious” you are about governing conservatively and “right-of-center” in the past.

The true measure of a man can be seen in his willingness to stand for his principles in the face of adversity when that principle appears to be in the minority, unpopular with colleagues and the establishment, and requires continued defense. McConnell has shown exactly what his principles are and where those principles lie. Basically, McConnell has principles that are labile, changing with the prevailing wind, and up for sale to the highest bidder. McConnell’s actions mimic those more of an “appeaser,” a sell-out, a man who stands for nothing and follows the leader instead of someone with principles and convictions that forges pathways by exhibiting statesmanship.

What McConnell thinks Americans voted for in the past midterm may not be what truly is. Americans, for the most part – I say “most” because of liberal, left, progressives and Democratic Americans, want a lawful nation based on the Constitution where all men are equal under the law. Americans want the corruption removed from Washington and those unlawful, corrupt and criminal elements held accountable. Americans want government to cease usurping power and abide by the tenets of the Constitution. Americans want current constitutional legislation to be upheld, i.e., the immigration laws, and unconstitutional laws dismantled.

Where is McConnell on amnesty for illegal alien invaders, indiscriminate NSA spying and data collection on innocent American citizens, NDAA indefinite detention and loss of due process for citizens, not to mention the US government’s designation of many innocent organizations and groups of citizens as terrorists while true terrorist organizations are ignored? These are the tough issues that need to addressed. However, McConnell’s declared focus is on “issues both sides agree on.”

McConnell’s statement regarding “making progress for the country” does not necessarily mean “progress” toward restoring and maintaining Constitutional integrity.

Yes, overactive bureaucracy has crippled this country. It has not begun with this administration. McConnell is correct that over-regulation needs to be reversed – in constitutional agencies as well as unconstitutional ones. But, more importantly, constitutional laws need to be enforced and unconstitutional laws dismantled and repealed, not picked apart or “reformed.” And, over-reach by the executive should be curtailed instead of trying to compromise and appease that crocodile.

McConnell has called on Senate Republicans to “present a conservative right-of-center governing majority” to the country. The Republicans gained a majority in the Senate, but many RINOs and establishment Republicans remain who will do anything but take action in a conservative right-of-center manner.

McConnell, as a politician, has refused, along with many of those in Washington, to understand that legislation based on the minority or the majority goes against the founding principles and self-evident truths. The “political center” may violate the Constitution, just like policies of the “far left.” What many refer to as “right wing policies” have actually been upholding of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. If being “right wing” means following the law, then anything outside of that is lawlessness, plain and simple.

So, is McConnell now calling for constitutional governing by Republicans when in the past Republicans have been just as guilty as Democrats of trampling the Constitution and participants in lawlessness through “political center policies?”

No two sides are ever going to agree on certain issues. And, at this point in time, many in Congress view the Constitution as a “suggestion,” a Chinese buffet, an “outdated document written by dead white men that needs to be changed” instead of being the law of the land that binds government from engaging in tyranny and despotism. Let’s face facts; there are more than “two sides” in Congress so it isn’t unreasonable to expect more of the same modus operandi with a different leadership and party majority.

After all, if Republicans had been practicing Constitutional principles in the federal government instead of appeasing and selling out, some of the issues being faced now might not have occurred. In fact, if Congress, past and present, had been honoring their oaths instead of lining their pockets, appeasing donors and coddling minority opinions, America certainly would be in a different place today.

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