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Why Are Media Conservatives Promoting Homosexual Propaganda?

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Published on: November 14, 2014

Over the last few years we have witnessed a headlong rush by many conservatives in the media in support of various aspects of the homosexual agenda. Some were socially liberal all along and some appear to be pushed into such a position due to pressure upon them by their colleagues or the media corporations they work for. Regardless, it is disturbing to witness their willingness to go along with this trend without even questioning the cultural impact such issues will have. Frankly, it is embarrassing how ignorant many of “our” conservative media stars are when it comes to the homosexual agenda.

Indeed, even Fox News has ignored huge stories that reflect negatively on the homosexual movement and the few times they do cover such stories, it is oftentimes inaccurate or incomplete. I wince as I watch Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, Dana Perino, Bernie Goldberg, Mary Catherine Hamm, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Margaret Hoover and others use the same arguments used by the homosexual community even to the point of using the exact same phrases and buzz words. They should know better.

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For example, many media conservatives happily use the term “gay” or “gay rights” and the phrase that he or she “has come out of the closet.” However, such wording assumes people are born homosexual, a myth that not even the pro-homosexual American Psychiatrist Association will support anymore. After years of research, dozens of pro-homosexual scientists have failed to find the homosexual gene and the few that did claim to find it were later discredited for engaging in fraudulent or sloppy methodology. Moreover, Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, enlisted over 150 of the world’s top geneticists to decode the human genome and they could not find a “gay” gene. It simply does not exist.

Let’s be clear here so that the Fox News crew understands. No one is “gay” or born “gay.” Instead, people engage in homosexual behavior period. No one “comes out of the closet.” Rather they are simply choosing to publicize their homosexual behavior. Further evidence that homosexuality is NOT genetic is the fluidness of homosexual behavior. As many as a third of homosexuals revert back to heterosexuality as Kinsey, Masters & Johnson and numerous other liberal sex researchers have all reported.

Moreover, the very existence of thousands of ex-homosexuals in America demonstrate how tentative homosexuality really is. And yes, due to the addictive nature of homosexual behavior, some ex-homosexuals do relapse just as some drug addicts, alcoholics and others enslaved to addictive behaviors do. No big surprise here.

However, if homosexuality is not genetic and not permanent, it is therefore caused by environmental and behavioral issues that are clearly not comparable to inborn traits like race or gender. So why are we creating a plethora of new laws based upon a sexual behavior? Let’s be clear about homosexual “rights” laws. Most of them are illegal in the sense that they have created legal scenarios that are increasingly violating the real constitutional rights of Americans.

Whenever one creates artificial rights based upon a particular behavior one is not born with, such “rights” generally come at the expense of real constitutional rights. One wouldn’t know it from watching or reading the news, but the “gay rights” movement has launched the greatest assault on our constitutional rights in our country’s history. Let me quickly summarize the various battlefronts:

Freedom of Speech/Press

  • Americans all over the country are receiving death threats for speaking out against homosexual “marriage.”
  • Students have been suspended from schools for voicing traditional views on marriage or wearing shirts with slogans such as “Straight Pride.” Meanwhile homosexual students are allowed to wear “gay pride” t-shirts.
  • College professors have been fired for teaching traditional sexuality viewpoints.
  • A Dire Straits song was banned in Canada that contains an alleged slur about homosexuals. Similar laws are on the way in the USA.
  • Teachers and others have lost jobs for opposing the homosexual agenda on Facebook on their private time.
  • The internet dating website eHarmony has been sued for not including same-sex couples.
  • YouTube has pulled videos critical of the homosexual agenda.
  • A person was detained at the Canadian border for possessing an article by this author that simply repeated the pro-pedophile statements and actions by some homosexual leaders.
  • The Obama DOJ has issued a ruling that orders federal employees to promote “Gay Pride Month.” Incredibly, it states that “silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”
  • Efforts are underway to ban actors and reality show stars like Phil Robertson for holding traditional views on sexuality.

Voting Rights/Political Participation

  • Donors to pro-traditional marriage initiatives are being harassed, threatened with death, and losing jobs and business. Just recently, the CEO of Mozilla was fired due to contributing to a pro-traditional marriage initiative in California six years earlier.
  • In at least a dozen states, pro-traditional marriage activists have been physically attacked and injured for passing out material in support of traditional marriage propositions.

Applying Justice Unequally

  • Hate crime laws are being passed by states all over the country that set up a two-tier approach to enforcing our laws. If a person assaults a crippled woman in a wheel chair and then assaults a homosexual, he will receive a heavier sentence for the latter crime. Creating different penalties for the same crime based upon the sexual behavior of the victim is clearly unconstitutional. It is also is predicated on knowing what’s in the heart of the person committing the crime, something prosecutors can never really know. Again, this is a thought-police type law and clearly a dangerous precedent.

Freedom of Religion

  • All over America Christian property owners are being harassed for refusing to rent to homosexuals and transsexuals, despite their moral objection to this lifestyle.
  • State governments and courts are forcing businesses – such as wedding cake makers – to do business with homosexual couples. But no one is forcing black businesses to work with racists.
  • State governments have fined Christian photographers because they refused to photograph homosexual weddings. But would a state fine a Jewish printer for refusing to print a Nazi brochure? Of course not.
  • Christian-based adoption agencies are being ordered by state governments to place children with homosexual families despite strong evidence that such families do not give the child the proper nurturing normal families provide.
  • Throughout the country, pastors who preach traditional morality are receiving death threats and their churches are being victimized with property damage.
  • Pastors in Canada and Europe are being fined and/or arrested for simply preaching what the Bible clearly teaches us about homosexual behavior. It is just a matter of time before this occurs in America.
  • An American pastor is being sued by a foreign homosexual group for a sermon that simply repeated the Biblical prohibitions against homosexuality.
  • People who hold views in opposition to the homosexual agenda are being denied employment by government agencies.
    Christians have lost private sector jobs for expressing views against the homosexual agenda in private forums that have nothing to do with their jobs.
  • Private Christian schools are being sued for refusing to hire homosexuals.
  • The Federal ENDA law will result in a tidal wave of litigation against Christian businesspersons and women for simply living out their religious beliefs.

Public Safety

  • Schools are initiating dozens of new pro-homosexual programs designed to promote the homosexual lifestyle to children as young as kindergartner age. This despite overwhelming evidence that the homosexual lifestyle is extremely dangerous and shortens one’s lifespan.
  • State laws are being passed around the country allowing males who claim to have feminine feelings to enter female bathrooms, thereby setting up situations that will lead to sexual assaults.
  • Macy’s has fired an employee for preventing a cross-dressing man from using the women’s dressing room.
  • The Obama Administration has issued a federal regulation that bans employers from prohibiting cross-dressing men from using female bathrooms.
  • State governments continue to assign troubled teens to group homes and other such programs that have long histories of homosexual molestation. These groups never lose their state license.

Rights of Association

  • Despite over 3,000 molestations by homosexual scout leaders and other youth leaders, “sexual orientation” laws are being passed by states that force youth groups like the Scouts and the YMCA to accept homosexual employees.
  • California has proposed a law to ban Boy Scouts from ever serving as judges, due to the Scout’s prohibition on homosexual leaders.
  • Christian student groups are being refused school recognition if they exclude homosexual students despite clear Biblical prohibition against such behavior.
  • Students at colleges have been forced to accept a homosexual roommate and one student who refused to live with a homosexual was fined and sent to sensitivity training.
  • Hotels have been sued for refusing to rent to homosexual weddings.

Parental Rights

  • Hillary Clinton made a speech to the UN in 2011 to the effect that our homes should be monitored by the government for any discouragement of homosexuality, the parents be damned.
  • Already, in Europe and in Canada, homeschoolers have been banned from teaching against homosexuality in their own homes. I can assure you, this is coming to America.
  • States are now passing laws that remove parental permission for school programs that promote homosexuality to school children.
  • Parents have been arrested for pulling their children out of pro-homosexual school programs.
  • Christian parents have been banned from accepting foster children because they hold traditional sexuality views.

Physicians/Counselor Rights

  • Laws are being introduced to allow state governments to pull the license of fertility doctors for refusing to artificially inseminate lesbians.
  • Psychologists have been fired for refusing to give pro-homosexual counseling to homosexuals.
  • Doctors have faced career backlash for questioning sex change operations.
  • Despite thousands of homosexuals successfully undergoing therapy to change their behavior, laws have been passed that bans the right of psychologists to engage in such therapy.
  • Despite the documented harmful effects of the homosexual lifestyle, states are passing laws to prevent health care professionals and counselors to say anything to a sexually confused child that does not affirm homosexual behavior.
  • Organizations that counsel homosexuals to leave the lifestyle have been subject to death threats, harassment and property damage.
  • Students at public universities studying to be counselors have been dismissed from their programs if they hold traditional views on homosexuality.
  • Let’s be clear: homosexuals enjoy the same constitutional rights all other Americans do (and no, marriage is not a constitutional right). So, why do we need special laws for them? It’s because such special laws are not about securing rights they already have, but rather are used to promote their agenda. That’s their strategy and they openly admit this in their strategy manuals.

When it comes to phony “bullying” laws, for example, understand that assaults against anyone are already illegal. Homosexuals are not exempt from existing laws that protect everyone else. What these so-called “bullying” laws really do is create a slew of new public school programs to propagandize students about the virtues of homosexual behavior.

It is simply bizarre that our schools spend millions on anti-drug programs but are now willing to promote programs that encourage the homosexual lifestyle. This despite reams of evidence such behavior leads to a shorter lifespan and those who engage in it disproportionately suffer from a whole array of negative life-style choices. This has been confirmed by massive long-term studies of homosexuals by both the Canadian health agency and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), but the results of these studies were ignored by Fox News and other media conservatives.

If one claims to be a constitutionalist – like many media conservatives do – but are ignoring this massive assault on our constitutional rights, then they are simply not constitutionalists. The Fox News team seems to have adopted libertarian arguments on many of these issues, but even most libertarians are opposed to the tyrannical effect these laws are having on our culture.

Take same-sex “marriage.” The passage of same-sex “marriage” laws has unleashed the power of government in many ways that are shocking. People are receiving death threats, being harassed and even losing their jobs for speaking out against it. The legalization of homosexual marriage also means the state now recognizes homosexual behavior as normal. As a result, private adoption agencies are being forced to place children with homosexual families. Ditto for foster children and group home agencies. Schools now have to teach that homosexual behavior is normal, leading thousands of school children down the path of a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle. And, of course, if homosexuality is normal behavior, then that justifies all the “Hate Crime”, “bullying” and so called “anti-discrimination” laws now being passed all over America which have led to widespread attacks on our constitutional freedoms.

The problem, of course, is that homosexuality is not normal. Decades of research show the opposite. And the aforementioned CDC and Canadian long-term studies of thousands of homosexuals show clear cut disparities between homosexuals and heterosexuals in every lifestyle category: suicides, drug abuse, criminal activity, driving under the influence, prostitution, mental breakdowns, etc. Clearly, these are signs of an abnormal and unhealthy lifestyle.

Oh, yes, I know that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has proclaimed homosexuality to be normal but that conclusion is not the result of any careful long-term study of homosexual lifestyles. It is the result of a secretive group of homosexual psychiatrists in 1973 taking over the committee that decides what behavior is “normal” and what is not. Homosexual behavior was removed as an abnormal behavior by a straight up and down vote with the homosexual psychiatrists prevailing. There’s wasn’t a scholarly debate or anything like that. Don’t be silly. It was pure politics. But do bear in mind that, at the time, the vast majority of APA members believed homosexuality to be abnormal.

And yet, our conservative media heroes still act as if there’s some kind of scientific consensus that homosexuality is a genetic-based normal behavior so they apparently believe all these “gay rights” battles involve normal people who are simply trying to protect their God-given rights.

To this day, I’ve never witnessed any major conservative media outlet or personality actually delve into the APA fraud, the massive CDC/Canadian homosexual lifestyle studies or even do a story on the large networks of ex-homosexuals in America today which, proves, of course, that homosexuality is a changeable behavior. Partly as a result of the refusal of the mainstream media — and later on the conservative media — to cover such stories over the last four decades, we now find ourselves on the losing end of “gay rights” battles on every front.

Even more surprising is the Pew Research study on how the media covers same sex marriage. It found that Fox News ran four times more stories supporting same sex marriage than opposing it. Nor do most people know that Fox News is a major financial sponsor of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), which itself monitors how Fox News covers gay issues and is constantly communicating with Fox News personalities to teach them the “correct” way to report on homosexual issues. And no, Fox News, whose slogan is “Fair and Balanced,” does not give any money to pro-traditional values groups.

Megyn Kelly is a Fox News superstar but more than most Fox News personalities, she really drinks the homosexual propaganda kool-aid. She supports homosexual “marriage” and often equates, on-air, the rights of blacks to the rights of homosexuals, despite the complete lack of evidence that homosexuality is an in-born trait like race is. She also uses the same phrases homosexual activists use in describing their battle for marriage rights: “marriage equality” and has referred to religious-based opponents of the homosexual agenda as “haters”, phrases right out of NLGJA’s playbook.

Unknown to most people, Kelly is deeply involved in the homosexual movement. She has appeared at a number of NLGJA events and I believe is influenced by a number of homosexual friends. This explains why she almost always takes the side of the homosexuals and rarely delves deeply into the homosexual movement’s attack on our constitutional rights.

Another Fox News superstar — Bill O’Reilly — is equally uninformed on these issues. Incredibly, O’Reilly has come out in support of the so-called “anti-discrimination” laws that have led to many of these attacks described earlier in this article. He supports homosexual adoption and has referred to Christians who opposed the homosexual agenda as “holy rollers” and “fanatics.”

Nor does O’Reilly have a problem with homosexual marriage or with Obama when he unilaterally and without congressional legislation, issued an order to allow open homosexuals in the military. For a man who describes himself as a “traditionalist” and a “culture warrior,” it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s already hoisted the white flag on some of the biggest cultural issues of the day.

Then there’s Shepard Smith, who has been “outed” by the homosexual community as one of their own. That’s no surprise. Smith has uttered favorable things about homosexual marriage and referred to those who flocked to Chick-fil- A to support their traditional marriage stance as being part of the “National Day of Intolerance.”

Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg is also pro-homosexual and calls conservatives who oppose their agenda as “bigoted.” On his blog, Goldberg even claims Jesus Christ would be in support of homosexual marriage, a strange claim given the numerous statements by Jesus and his disciples regarding the sacred position God has assigned to the traditional male-female family. Goldberg also makes bizarre statements on his website claiming Jesus said some people are born gay, which, of course, is false. Indeed, both the Old and New Testaments are very clear in their condemnations of homosexual behavior.

Even Fox News “All-Stars” Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes and George Will are in support of allowing open homosexuals in the military, seemingly ignorant of the body of research documenting how disruptive it will be for openly homosexual men and women to serve next to others in tight units where moral and unit cohesion can mean the difference between life and death. Polling of service members themselves confirm this, but Fox News has consistently downplayed or ignored the opinions of those who would be most effective by this radical policy.

Indeed, while representing San Diego in the State Legislature, I was given access to studies by the military demonstrating widespread misconduct by homosexual service members (and this was before homosexuals were allowed to serve!). They were engaged in far more crime, rape, and disruptive behavior than were heterosexual service members. Such internal studies were apparently swept under the table when it came to debating this issue in congress.

The military is not an equal opportunity employer or a jobs program. It is a fighting force that should reject any policy that undermines the unity of those who serve. Already, it has come to my attention that homosexual servicemen – now feeling fully protected by the White House – are engaging in open homosexual behavior in full view of their colleagues. As a result, unit cohesion is coming apart at the seams, morale is in shambles and our military is becoming weaker. Unfortunately, our media and even our conservative media, have chosen not to investigate this issue. After all, they all were in favor of this policy and now are reluctant to show how it has been a failure. Thanks for wrecking our military.

And I could go on and on with Fox News. Chris Wallace thinks those who opposed sodomite scout leaders should be compared to racists….Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfield and Eric Bolling all support same-sex marriage, gays in the military, and much of the gay agenda….former Fox News reporter Margaret Hoover supports much of the gay rights agenda and sits on the board of two homosexual groups… John Stossel refuses to accept that homosexuality is a changeable behavior and opposes efforts to counsel homosexuals, a strange view for a freedom-loving libertarian….Elizabeth Hasselbeck called the Pope’s opposition to homosexual marriage as “inhumane.” (For God’s sake Elizabeth, read the Bible)….Sally Kohn is a lesbian activist who shills for “gay rights” in her Fox News website columns….and on and on.

Indeed, it is hard to find any “cultural warrior” at Fox News who is really a cultural warrior and who understands the threats posed to our freedoms by the homosexual agenda. Clearly, these people are surrounded by social liberals and simply spout the liberal line on these issues. Fox News may be a champion on economic and foreign policy issues but it’s time to admit they are completely clueless – and even damaging – when it comes to the key social issues of our time.

And Fox News most conservative personality –Sean Hannity – has apparently decided to avoid these issues, seldom mentioning them or making them the subject of any of his television or radio shows. For a self-described conservative Catholic, that is rather discouraging. Meanwhile Catholic schools, adoption agencies and charities are being brutalized by the “gay rights” movement. And not a peep from Sean.

One has to wonder if the Fox News team really doesn’t understand how “gay rights” not only undermine America’s Christian culture but also constitute a direct attack on the more important rights given to us by our founding fathers — such as freedom of speech, religion, press, and association.

However, it’s not much different with other media conservatives outside of Fox News. Glenn Beck said on the O’Reilly show that homosexual marriage is not “a threat to the country,” a bizarre statement from an alleged social conservative. Beck also quoted Jefferson to back up his neutral stance on same sex marriage: “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me.”

But Jefferson would not have supported sodomite “marriage” or the police state tactics that homosexual “marriage” has brought to our culture. Despite calling himself a constitutionalist, Beck seems to know little about how our founder fathers regarded the traditional family unit as key to America’s freedom and prosperity. They believe it to be the backbone of the United States and the key to its culture. The destruction of the traditional family unit means the destruction of our culture and ultimately our country. Does Beck really not understand that? Is he really not aware of the wave of attacks on our freedoms I have described above?

It has now become quite clear that the homosexual agenda is undermining our freedoms, our families and our faith. It is disrupting our Christian culture and assaulting our constitutional rights on every conceivable front. And if you don’t think this is exactly what the homosexuals have planned all along, then you haven’t been reading their books and manifestos. Today, there are literally hundreds of lawsuits ongoing in courthouses all over America, most of them taken on by struggling small non-profit legal organizations trying desperately to preserve our constitutional freedoms.

As these legal groups attempt to preserve our rights from this onslaught, it would be nice if our conservative media personalities would start to cover these stories in a serious manner, instead of using quickie libertarian sound bites to quickly dismiss them. And they also need to please stop the frivolous “me too” reporting about so and so Hollywood star “coming out” and start investigating the real issues here. It is time for media conservatives to wake up, ignore the talking points given them by the NLGJA and start reporting how the homosexual rights agenda is compromising our constitutional rights.

Note: I would like to thank Cliff Kincaid and Peter LaBarbera for digging up much of the research regarding the conservative media’s involvement with the gay agenda. Much of this info was taken from their report published by America’s Survival ( titled Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid: Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and the National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association.

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