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What The Media Is Not Telling YOU About The Muslim In New York Who Hacked An Officer With A Cleaver. Read His Own Confession To Become A Muslim Jihadi Martyr

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Published on: September 17, 2016

What no media has revealed regarding this ‘crescent sword Jihadi’ should stun Americans regarding the type of migrants coming in. He was Palestinian, a migrant from Syria named Akram Joudeh. His Facebook page reveals his death wish “via martyrdom.” What the media told us is only part of the story. This scruffy-bearded Akram posted an image of crescent shaped cleavers. He ran with his cleaver towards Sixth Avenue in New York; when a stun gun did no effect, he continued slashing an officer in the head, then the police shot him 18 times as he refused to drop the huge slicing dagger while lunging at cops. He even posted on his timeline a photo of two crescent cleavers.

What the media is not revealing should stun every police officer. He was deranged by a Jihad wish, telling his wife he desired martyrdom on his Facebook. He concealed his messages in Arabic, which translated. In Arabic, Joudeh writes on his timeline, quoting his wish from the Quran:

“Fight them [the infidels] so there is no tumult and all religion is Allah’s.”

The translation from English does not serve the true picture, it is again “Fight them [the infidels] so there is no tumult and all religion is Allah’s.” This is a fight that calls for literal violence. He even desired martyrdom. He writes quoting from the Quran again:

“Do not think that the ones who are killed in the path of Allah [in Jihad] are dead but are alive with their lord [Allah] receiving [His] blessings.”

To be absent of the body, killed in Jihad, is to be present with Allah.

His wife writing from abroad, Ibtisam Joudeh, responds on Feb 9th, 11:58 P.M sending her approval:

“Nasron min Allahi wa-Fathun Qareeb.” English: “A victory from Allah and a soon to be [Muslim] invasion.” captured the horrific communication:


He responds to Ibtisam, “I love you so much. What do I lose if I spread it all over” pointing with an arrow down towards an image of the Quran, Surat Al-Ikhlas, adding: “and I will receive rivers of glory”:



The chapter in the Quran is the call for unitarianism, Islam’s rejection of the Christian Trinity. “Say that Allah is Ahad (an absolute one). Allah Al-Samad (Self-Sufficient). He did not beget [Jesus] and was not begotten.”

This is his clear rejection of the Christian Trinity. To him Americans are worshipers of Jesus and deserve death.

He posts his dream of victory over the Jews:

“Palestine is my soul and my fragrance. Palestine is the abode of heaven. Evil will subside and the darkness hovering over the Muslim will soon be removed and we will live in pride in our land, then build homes upwards to the stars.”



It is obvious, Joudeh is an Islamist Jihadi desiring martyrdom by his own confession; his desire for martyrdom is written on his own Facebook and the images of Islam is sprinkled throughout.


And now you know the rest of the true story. It is a war on Christians and killing cops means nothing.

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