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Memorial Day Reminders of Christian America

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Published on: May 30, 2016

Sadly, there are Americans, even some Christians, who say America has never been a Christian nation. They are obviously uninformed of Christianity in our nation in spite of the almost innumerable original founding documents which confirm this; therefore, they are deceived. Also is the strong possibility some are deceivers, perhaps even those who call themselves Christian yet are secretly working for America’s demise  and  knowingly promote that lie.  So, Memorial Day observance is a good time to look at the truth of Christianity in our nation to refute lies of the Deceived and Deceivers.

Memorial Day usually involves meetings at, or viewing, military cemeteries.  What is often seen when looking at America’s military government cemeteries in our nation  and in other nations where our military was killed, is row after row after row of headstones shaped like crosses!  Although a few cemeteries use some regularly shaped tombstones with just a curved top, looking closely at those tombstones an engraved cross can be seen on a multitude of them. Yes, all our military cemeteries have symbols of other religions markings on headstones not shaped like crosses, which reflect the religious belief of the person who is buried there. But headstones shaped like crosses or with an engraved cross far outnumber them!

That being the case, hopefully on this Memorial Day, as our nation gives honor to those in the military who gave their life protecting our lives and our unalienable (God given) rights, we should take notice of the number of headstones made in the shape of a cross and those with an engraved cross while remembering what that says about our nation. No doubt, only a Christian government would allow, assist and prepare the obvious symbol of Christianity to be used in these military cemeteries! We also need to call this to the attention of others, who may in the future be confronted with lies about America not being Christian. How can the vast number of crosses in our government’s military cemeteries be denied?

The Internet shows many military cemeteries in America and in other nations. Click on this website and notice all the cross shaped headstones. That confirms the vast  number of Christians in our military who died protecting America and how they outnumber those from other religions!

So, on Memorial Day let us not just look at this day as a picnic day, or for special discount sales, or sports, etc.  But let’s see it as a time to give thanks to Jesus Christ for freedoms He has given our nation and to give Him thanks for military lives that were given protecting our lives and freedoms in America.

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