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Mercola Postulates COVID-19 Mitigation Tools Coming In Government Declared Trifecta Of Illnesses

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Published on: November 9, 2022

The wheels on the bus go around and around, all through the town – and, it’s a short bus friends. Dr. Joseph Mercola, who a little over a year ago dismantled his website and 25 years of work because of “pressure” from the CONvid-1984 “police”, has warned that the powers that be are preparing another fearmongering campaign centered around a “tripledemic” of COVID, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). His sources include Yahoo! Finance, the Center for Disease Control, and NPR. What’s all the hoopla about? According to Mercola’s sources, CONvid-1984 hospitalizations are climbing as well as the hospitalization of children due to RSV. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore is “experiencing a surge” of patients due to an increase in RSV.

Mercola is postulating a scenario of a repeated implementation of failed CONvid-19 mitigation measures (quarantines, mask mandates, etc.) due to a government declared trifecta of illnesses: COVID, influenza and RSV. This is on the heels of a report by that pharmaceutical companies are close to bringing a “vaccine” for RSV to market, powered by good ole mRNA technology.

Vox publishes classic fear porn:

RSV generally causes cold symptoms but can also lead to severe lung inflammation or infection in very young and very old people. And it’s started off cold season with a bang:

As of October 22, babies under a year old were being hospitalized at rates six times higher than they were at the same point in 2019, and the overall hospitalization rate was seven times higher for people of all ages.

Every year, hundreds of children die of RSV, and tens of thousands more are hospitalized… RSV disease is one of the first pediatric illnesses that young pediatricians learn to fear, said [Amy] Edwards [a pediatric infectious disease specialist in Cleveland].

Babies with the infection have terrible coughs and make wheezing noises as they struggle to move air through their swollen airways. ‘Once you’ve seen it, it’s like you never forget it,’ she said…

In the U.S., the infection leads to about 58,000 hospitalizations and 100 to 300 deaths among young children each year, making it the country’s top cause of hospitalization in infants.

Although it’s a particularly risky infection for babies born prematurely and for those with lung problems or heart abnormalities, about 40 percent of American infants who died of RSV over the past few decades were otherwise healthy.

However bad RSV is in the United States, it’s worse globally. Every year, it causes an estimated 120,000 infant deaths worldwide… There is currently no approved antiviral treatment for RSV in either adults or children, and the one preventive option that currently exists is far from perfect…

Babies need something better – something affordable that can protect all infants, not just the highest-risk ones, from this seasonal scourge. Adults, too, need something to protect them from a virus that reliably causes an immense amount of disease – ideally, something that’s as good as a flu shot, or better.

After these past almost three years, one would think people have awakened to the fact that “vaccines” of any kind have never been proven to be “safe and effective”, particularly seeing that what is being called “COVID-19” is now appearing almost exclusively in injected individuals. People should have also awakened to the fact that quarantines, lockdowns, masks, etc., made no difference in the planned scamdemic. Now, supposed “health experts” are rallying around a “vaccine” as the proverbial “cure” for RSV even after the failure of the CONvid-1984 injections and the failure of the influenza shot to curb the “flu virus”. One has to wonder what the statement “good as the flu shot or better” even means to these so-called professionals when the flu shot barely reaches 50 % in adjusted overall effectiveness per the CDC.

Something as good as a flu shot.” Really? The 2017/2018 seasonal influenza vaccine’s adjusted overall effectiveness for the U.S. was just 36 percent against influenza A and influenza B virus infection, and between 2005 and 2015, the flu vaccine’s adjusted overall effectiveness was less than 50 percent more than half the time – with a low of only 10 percent in the 2004–2005 season.

Other than the COVID jab, it’s difficult to find another example of where a commercial product can fail to work more than half the time and still be recommended and even mandated. Not to worry, though, because according to Vox, “RSV vaccines are super effective.” Where have we heard that before?

So, the fearmongering lies of the Operation Mockingbird media begin as well as the virtue signaling of voluntary indoor mask “recommendations”. The wheels of that short bus, filled to capacity with virtue signalers, keep turning ‘round as it goes through the town. This has to be due to stupidity, fear, willful ignorance, apathy, or a combination of all.

How many will line up to get that CONvid-1984 booster shot along with the influenza shot, both being administered at the same time? And, when Moderna, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and others bring their RSV mRNA injections to market, will these same people roll up their sleeves again? If past behaviors can be used to postulate a future reaction, those who are taking CONvid and flu shots will be sure to “take it in the arm” again for big pharma, despite knowing that Pfizer paid out one of the largest injury settlement claims in history but remain in business.

Pfizer announced on November 1, 2022, its RSV injection is ready for Food and Drug Administration authorization. Moderna stated its RSV injection will be available in 2023. Moreover, Moderna is looking to create a yearly mRNA shot that covers the top ten viruses resulting in hospitalization each year. Janssen, makers of the Johnson and Johnson CONvid shot, is also working on an RSV shot that uses the same “technology” of its CONvid shot – an adenovirus vector. And, pregnant women and seniors will be covered through “protein subunit” RSV injections being developed by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola indicates there has never been a successful RSV injection brought to market because of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). But, that matters not to the three letter alphabet agencies, unconstitutional as they are, that are “appointed” to be the “protectors of health”.

As explained by CNN:

The hunt for an effective way to protect against RSV stalled for decades after two children died in a disastrous vaccine trial in the 1960s.

That study tested a vaccine made with an RSV virus that had been chemically treated to render it inert and mixed with an ingredient called alum, to wake up the immune system and help it respond. It was tested at clinical trial sites in the U.S. between 1966 and 1968.

At first, everything looked good. The vaccine was tested in animals, who tolerated it well, and then given to children, who also appeared to respond well.

Unfortunately, that fall, when RSV season started, many of the children that were vaccinated required hospitalization and got more severe RSV disease than what would have normally occurred,’ said Steven Varga, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Iowa, who has been studying RSV for more than 20 years and is developing a nanoparticle vaccine against the virus.

study published on the trial found that 80% of the vaccinated children who caught RSV later required hospitalization, compared with only 5% of the children who got a placebo. Two of the babies who had participated in the trial died.

The outcomes of the trial were a seismic shock to vaccine science. Efforts to develop new vaccines and treatments against RSV halted as researchers tried to untangle what went so wrong… ‘It is in fact, in many ways, why we have some of the things that we have in place today to monitor vaccine safety,’ Varga said.

By now, everyone should understand there is NOT one effective tool to monitory the safety of any injection dubbed a vaccine. What is in place that was to do the job, VAERS, is ignored by the CDC, NIH, FDA, and all other “public health agencies and entities”. If information in VAERS was analyzed, evaluated and collated, the CONvid injections would have been stopped within the first month of administration. Instead, the unconstitutional three letter alphabet agencies assume safety based upon data presented by big pharma criminal corporations – data which we know is skewed, inaccurate, and basically false. In fact, these criminal corporations skip portions of clinical trials to rush their products to market for quick profits at the expense of human life.

Moreover, the CDC commissioned a leading university to develop a new reporting system for vaccine injuries. A new system was developed that was superior to VAERS; however, the CDC failed to procure it. One has to ask why.

Yet, millions of the public ignore all of this and run right down to get jabbed in the arm with the latest poison pushed by these criminal corporations and their sycophants in unconstitutional government agencies. All the while, these corporations are protected by the government cabal from lawsuits and claims for injury and/or death.

Here is the takeaway from all of this. Along with the “flu season” and the continued ruse of CONvid-1984, the residents of these 50 sovereign States are being propagandized with a surge of RSV to bring about a trifecta of illnesses to push new RSV injections, some using mRNA technology, that have not been properly tested and have a poor track record of success; push new CONvid-1984 boosters that have not been tested or trialed at all; and, combine these injections with a push for a “flu shot” for everyone while insisting on quarantines, lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, etc. It will be mitigation measures on steroids, following Rockefeller’s “lockstep” scenario contained in “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” just as the CONvid-1984 scamdemic did. How many PCR tests and for what illness will be required and how often?

Think it was difficult getting medical care during the CONvid-1984 scamdemic; it will be almost impossible when the RSV/flu/CONvid-1984 trifecta is announced. In fact, Emory healthcare hospitals in Atlanta have Tier 1 (high contagion risk) measures already in place. These notices can be found on each facility’s website.

With the results of the 2022 midterms still coming in, one can be sure that those players who were “successful” in implementing these CONvid-1984 useless countermeasures will be in place to implement the same useless countermeasures for the trifecta. This time, the public will have to actively resist in mass or be subjugated to continual useless countermeasures from now on for every little illness that pops up as well as new mRNA injections for those illnesses. These criminals learned how easy it is to gain massive compliance through fear. They will continue to ramp up the fear. We have to actively resist.

You have been warned!

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