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Red Ripple – What went wrong on November 8?

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Published on: November 9, 2022

The establishment media was setting us all up to accept a steal, proclaiming that on Tuesday evening, there might be a “Red Mirage,” that is, the appearance of overwhelming Republican victories that would later be overturned by bogus mail-in ballots, as soon as those who fix elections knew how many they needed. As it turned out, either the shenanigans are now so baked into the system that no prolonged period of fiddling with the totals is needed, or massive numbers of Americans actually like the way things are going under the misrule of Old Joe Biden’s handlers.

To be sure, not all the news was bad for those who don’t want to see the United States become an authoritarian third-world hellhole. The Republicans did win a majority in the House of Representatives, although we will now soon see whether this new Republican House will be a chorus of Mitt Romneys and Liz Cheneys, vying with each other to see who can implement the far-Left’s agenda fastest, or if it will articulate and implement a true America-First agenda, and hold the line against Old Joe’s socialist nostrums.

A couple of big-name Democrat former “rising stars” lost their races, suggesting the wholly welcome prospect that they might now actually fade from the scene. Fake Hispanic Robert “Beto” O’Rourke lost his race for Texas governor, giving this sinister far-Left fanatic the dubious distinction of having lost races for the presidency, the senate, and the governor’s chair. Fake Governor Stacey Abrams, who insisted that she had actually won the 2018 Georgia governor’s race until the Democrats opted to make “Election Denial” a cardinal sin and a dangerous threat to our “democracy,” won a second term as the pretend governor of Georgia. Yet as welcome as the prospect is that we might not hear from these sanctimonious, hectoring authoritarians any longer, O’Rourke and Abrams will probably now get lucrative jobs in academia and the media and continue scolding us for not going full Maoist (yet).

The night was, however, undeniably filled with disappointments. None of the COVID tyrants and Leftist ideologues who are destroying their once-great cities and states lost their elections. California has become a national joke, with astronomical tax rates that appear to pay for nothing at all, amid the daily stories of insane and violent homeless people defecating in the streets and terrorizing passersby, but Governor Gavin Newsom coasted to a second term, as did Michigan despot Gretchen Whitmer, who won fame during the height of the COVID hysteria by sealing off the children’s toys sections at department stores with police tape. Having fun, doncha know, could have gotten you the China bug. New York Kathy Hochul, another COVID tyrant presiding over the crime-ridden, decaying remains of a once-great state, was likewise reelected, which means that New Yorkers, the quintessential frogs in boiling water, will get more of the same, and love every minute of it.

Even worse, the stuttering, sputtering John Fetterman, a stroke victim who only rarely manages to utter a complete sentence, coasted to victory in the Pennsylvania Senate race, thereby proving that the Democrats’ willingness to put up with Old Joe Biden’s obvious incapacity was no anomaly. The Leftist elites are just rubbing it in now, showing that they have now filled a sufficient number of people with their propaganda that they can elect literally anyone to any position they want and perpetuate the governance of a shadowy, behind-the-scenes oligarchy. Fetterman is so clearly unfit for his new job that no one in his right mind could possibly think otherwise; like Biden, he will simply serve as a puppet for the people who are pulling the strings, and that seems to be just fine with Pennsylvanians. Watch for more drooling idiots to be elected to high office in the near future.

Apparently a large number of Americans are just fine with crime-ridden, crumbling cities, open borders, and galloping inflation rates. Emblematic of the results of 50 years and more of hard-Left indoctrination in the public schools was that O’Rourke lost nearly every county in Texas, with the startling exception of the ones that are right on the border with Mexico, the ones that suffer the most immediate effects of the ongoing migrant onslaught. So apparently the people whose lands are overrun and rendered dangerous by the steady migrant arrivals are just fine with it all, and want more. Hit us again, hit us again, harder, harder! Most assuredly, Leftists will be happy to oblige.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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