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Merkel Prepares to Slice What Is Left of Europe’s Wrists and Give Visa Free Travel to All 80 MILLION People in Turkey

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Published on: June 16, 2016

To paraphrase what Turkish President Erdogan said, ‘what our ancestors failed to do through military might we will accomplish through intellect.’ That is, the Ottoman conquest and Islamization of Europe.

Europe has been receiving Muslims into its border since post World War II, beginning under the guise of “rebuilding” the economy. However, all that Europe did was to invite in a trojan horse, a virus which has continued to grow and now it is taking over and killing its host. That virus is Islam, and its power and influence in Europe has grown by allowing more and more Muslims to enter, and as of last year, it reached a terminal point when German Chancellor Merkel invited practically the entire world to dump into Germany without any screening. The result has been a social destabilization followed by massive rapes, robberies, murders, and a slew of social deviancy never before seen in this history of Western Europe with regard to Islam. The only thing that could have made this invasion worse was if Merkel supported not only the acceptance of Turkey into the EU, but gave Turkish citizens visa-travel to Germany. That would virtually assure a Turkish conquest of Germany simply by population transfer and without firing a single shot.

Well, according to a recent story, Merkel is prepared to make Europe’s worst dreams come true:

ANGELA Merkel is ready to cave in to the Turkish government and grant visa-free travel to 75million people despite Turkey’s failure to meet EU’s demands, a British ambassador has claimed.

Leaked documents from Britain’s ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood, claim the German Chancellor is ready to make a “compromise” on Turkey’s terrorism law.

Turkish president Recep Erdogan has been at loggerheads with the EU after he refused to change laws used to prosecute academics and journalists, one of the conditions to the deal.

The controversial deal sees Turkish authorities take on migrants in exchange for visa-free travel in Europe to its citizens.

Leaders of the 28-member bloc have vowed to sever any agreement with Ankara if conditions are not met.

But the leaked diplomatic telegram from Sir Sebastian reportedly claims Merkel’s officials are ready to compromise on the terrorism law reform condition


“Merkel has begun to paint the deal in humanitarian terms to pre-empt human rights opposition.

Lipstick on a pig is still a pig, and this deal is a losing deal, no matter how it is dressed up. Letting 80 million Turks roam freely around or into Germany without a visa is simply a population dump from one country into another. This would make the “refugee crisis” that we are looking at right now seem small.

It would be perhaps one of the most significant events in German history, since it would signal not only that nation’s suicide to Islam, but it would forever re-shape the geopolitics of Europe with consequences that nobody can predict at all except for the fact that there would be long-term wars and conflict, cultural degradation, and an irreversible change by accepting people whose society is perpetually unstable and filled with war and violence, as a reflection of the nature of the god of Islam and its teachings.

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad

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