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Are MGM & Mandalay Bay Calling the Shots on what is Being Released to the Public and What Isn’t?

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Published on: October 19, 2017

A Las Vegas shooting survivor and California attorney believes the MGM and Mandalay Bay are behind the scenes calling the shots on what is released to the public and keeping the American people in the dark concerning serious questions that should be addressed and specific video evidence, along with documentation that would reveal their part in allowing alleged shooter Stephen Paddock to be holed up in the Mandalay Bay hotel before the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

On Thursday, Brain Claypool of Claypool Law Firm, joined me on The Sons of Liberty radio show to talk about what he experienced and specific questions he has with regard to the transparency, or lack thereof, which we are receiving from the investigation into the shooting.

You can listen to the podcast of the show by clicking here.

According to Claypool, who is representing at least one Vegas shooting victim and is willing to represent others to have the truth come out, he believes there is a massive coverup that is being orchestrated by MGM and Mandalay Bay and has good reason to believe so.

“It is my belief that the MGM/Mandalay Bay is tampering with evidence and concealing crucial evidence,” said Claypool.  “The MGM changed the timeline by altering the 9:59 ‘manual’ entry of when security guard Jesus Campos said that he was first shot at my Paddock.  The fact that Jesus Campos has oddly vanished since the shooting strongly suggests that MGM is hiding evidence and is worried that Campos will tell the truth about when shots were first fired.”

“Why is MGM hiding Campos?” he asked.  “They are manipulating him and the evidence to minimize liability. Where is the 9:59pm manual entry. Why hasn’t the public seen this entry? Why is nobody being transparent in the investigation? When people are shot by police officers and they have either dash cam or body cam video it is now routinely released to the public to promote transparency.”

Claypool also targets the failure to release surveillance video that Mandalay Bay has.

“Here, we have the worst mass shooting in the history of our country and not a single person both in law enforcement or political is demanding the release of surveillance video of Paddock in elevators and otherwise to help the grieving public get answers to crucial questions,” he said.

Claypool also asks about housekeeping records for Paddock’s rooms.

“Why hasn’t MGM released housekeeping records to prove that Paddock’s room was cleaned and nothing out of the ordinary was noticed?” Claypool questioned.  “What hasn’t anybody in the US asked for a security task force to dig into this and conduct an ‘independent’ investigation?”

He then elaborates on what he believes is the theory behind the lack of transparency.

“The answer to this question is that The indelible image of sin city Las Vegas and the money it generates is much more important than getting the truth to improve security and prevent another massacre from happening,” he said.  “Make no mistake that MGM is getting preferential treatment. Whatever happens in Vegas truly stays in Vegas, including a massacre. Mandalay Bay was never shut down for a single second despite being a crime scene and MGM never issued any statement to families and people staying at the casino post shooting. This is callous and connotes a cover up.”

Claypool told Sons of Liberty that he was staying at that hotel the night of the shooting.

“Other major casinos in Vegas have a 24-hour policy on housekeepings,” Claypool said.  “Due to the high volume of suicide and crime in Las Vegas, major casinos will knock on doors of guests and enter after a 24 hour time period, even if a guest has a ‘do not disturb sign’ on the door.”

“While people nationwide are drowning in opinions they are desperate for the ‘truth’ and the housekeeping records are the key to unlocking the truth,” he continued.  “Why won’t MGM release housekeeping records and interviews of the housekeeping staff? Is it because the housekeeping crew made exceptions for Paddock because he is a high roller and spends a lot of money?”

Claypool then charges, “The Mandalay Bay/MGM enabled Paddock to carry out this mass shooting by facilitating his plan. They catered to him at every whim by allowing him to use service freight elevators and by failing to enter his room or if they did, failed to report unusual behavior.”

“It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that most pathological gamblers have some degree of mental illness,” added Claypool.  “They are typically ‘disconnected’ from society and don’t care about anything else other than the fantasy world of gambling. Most pathological gamblers like Paddock don’t have loved ones in their lives making them more of danger to others. Nearly all casino owners knew who Paddock was. He should have been on their radar screen as opposed to being pampered by an irresponsible casino more concerned about making money than securing safety of others.”

Claypool also spoke to the bottom line when it comes to casinos.

“Casinos view security as not adding to its bottom line,” he said.  “Spending money on security takes away from profit and typically there is a firewall between billionaire casino owners and security. Here, the Mandalay Bay was predatory. It catered to a deranged mans every whim because he brings profit to them as opposed to realizing that mental illness often permeates the minds of pathological gamblers.”

“In the end, our local state or federal government should be demanding an ‘independent’ investigation into how security at MGM slowed this to happen and why it facilitated Paddock’s behavior,” he added.  “Does anyone care about preventing this from happening again?”

Other things came up on the show, including the fact that Paddock allegedly used his wife’s ID to check into the hotel, something that is against their policies.

For more from Brian Claypool, check out his other interviews below.

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