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Mitch McConnell Sells Out Again in Iran Nuke Debate

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Published on: May 6, 2015

According to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution of the united States of America, the president “shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; … .” But, the Senate is still working on the crafting and passage of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Act that would require Congress to review the “agreement” Obama makes with Iran regarding the ruling Islamic government’s nuclear program. In a not so surprising move, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “moved to end the debate” on the bipartisan piece of legislation Tuesday evening because “amendments proposed by some Republicans threatened to cost it Democratic support.” The actions by McConnell could bring a vote as early as Thursday to end the debate.

This action by McConnell sets the stage for a vote “in such a way as to ensure maximum bipartisan support and fend off an earlier White House veto threat,” according to

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman and one of the bill’s authors, predicted an “overwhelming” vote in favor of the bill earlier on Tuesday. Now, Republican amendments designed to strengthen the bill will not be considered, according to some proposers.

The move by McConnell was prompted by two amendment strongly supported by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK). The amendment supported by Rubio would require “Iranian leadership to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state” while the amendment supported by Cotton required Iran to take “specified steps, including giving international inspectors full access to suspicious sites, before getting relief from sanctions.” Both Rubio and Cotton blasted the Senate members for being reluctant to vote on the amendments, basically saying, “If you don’t want to vote, leave the Senate.” Cotton had pointed to the fact that Iran continues to say Israel will be “blown off the map” and will have the capability to do so if they attain nuclear weapons.

Critics of Rubio and Cotton accused them of attempting to “ruin the bipartisan initiative, and McConnell faced pressure to end the debate.”

After McConnell filed for the cloture motion, Sen. Cotton took to Twitter saying, “Congress must stand up and protect US from nuclear Iran. It’s regrettable the Dem intransigence blocked efforts to strengthen this bill.”

Basically, this is what is contained in the bill.

  • provides Congress 30 days to review the final deal with Iran on its nuclear program, which must be submitted to Congress within five days from conclusion; (Deal is set to be concluded by June 30, 2015.)
  • President will not be able to waive or suspend statutory sanctions against Iran during the 30 day time-frame;
  • Congress would be able to vote on “a joint resolution stating in substance that Congress does favor the agreement” or conversely, would be able to vote on “a joint resolution stating in substance that Congress does not favor the agreement.” Congress could also choose to vote to take no action;
  • If Congress passes a disapproval resolution, prohibition on sanction relief would be extended 12 additional days. If the President vetoes the resolution, the sanction period would be extended another 10 days. A veto override would require support of 67 out of 100 members of the Senate;
  • Administration must certify every 90 days that Iran is in compliance with the agreement, violations would require notification to Congress within 10 days so sanctions may be reinstated.

The full text of the Iran nuclear deal, as it was in November 2013, can be read here.

Iran has already “cheated” on the tentative agreement reached in November of 2013. Obama has ignored Congress in the past and basically thumbs his nose in their direction constantly. In fact, reports have surfaced that Obama has basically participated in these negotiations as “Iran’s advocate.” Obama has trashed the Constitution and strong arms both chambers of Congress with threats of vetoes, which the neutered Congress capitulates by refusing to send legislation to the desk of Obama that might result in a veto.

Does Congress actually expect Obama to honor this “legislation” if it passes?

And, does anyone in Congress think the strict Islamic government, which has engaged in taqiyyah, will honor any agreement since Iran has already violated initial negotiations?

Some members of the Senate act as though they are dealing with “honorable” deal negotiating participants. Maybe they are unaware that Iran has cheated because they don’t listen to the news or communicate with the United Kingdom. Maybe they are unaware that Obama has lied and engaged in criminal activity/treason in over 900 documented cases. If only they were ignorant. These “elected representatives” are actively ignoring these facts by acting ignorant and continuing their blissful occupation of their cushy Senate seat. These individuals don’t want to vote on “hard” issues. Instead, they only want to deal with the “rainbow, lollipop, cotton candy” issues, leaving a void that Obama has been way too happy to fill.

For the commenter on the source article at, Correcting Cons, it comes down to basically one thing – “Obama is correct in what he is doing with Iran and the nuclear deal, McConnell knows it, so Obama wins again.”

Interesting how some liberals focus on “winning.” This isn’t about whether Obama wins, Republicans win or some ideological fantasy wins. It’s about a radical, totalitarian government, Iran, being able to attain the capability to produce nuclear weapons that it has every intention of using against not only Israel, but other nations of the world. More than likely, Iran already has that capability and is stalling in order to finalize the assembly and delivery system. After all, they have been cheating for one and a half years. Iran, governed by Islam, has no Christian moral code, no conscience, no reverence for life. These strict Islamists think nothing of killing others, including themselves, for the advancement of Islam. They could care less about “mutually assured destruction,” as they will be rewarded for dying in the jihad of Islam. It is a dangerous scenario that could explode right in every nation’s face.

What has to be remembered is this: Regardless of which nations are currently backing Iran, Iran follows Islam and Islam is supreme; meaning, Iran will use whatever means necessary to achieve the goal of Islamic rule of the world, including turning on its “supposed friends.” It’s not dubbed the “religion of pieces” for nothing.

It is also about whether or not this country is still a constitutional republic, in regards to our government. While some may scoff at the Constitution and call it “antiquated, out of date and behind the times,” there is no other form of government established that limits the power of government, divides the powers invested in the branches of government equally, and recognizes the God-given rights inherent to every individual. Should our form of government fail, which it is close to doing, there will be no “winners,” except those in the ruling elite class. The average Joe Blows of America will be the “losers.” The type of government this country will have will be established by the ideology to which the “leader” subscribes. It will change with the wind affecting everyone.

It has been said, “Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.” Those who are willing to forego constitutional government for Obama to “win,” may not like what follows. However, they will be getting exactly what they want. Unfortunately, it drags the rest of us down with them.

The Senate should stop wasting time on these frivolous pieces of legislation when the requirements are already in the Constitution; it just needs to be enforced. In no uncertain terms, this nation, along with others, should not be entering into any type of agreement with Iran, who has every intention of violating it and has demonstrated so in the past. Iran is a rogue nation – unpredictable if you ignore its deeply entrenched strict Islamic government. It’s very predictable when the Islamic government is factored into the equation. Iran will only agree to a “deal” where it gets everything it wants; if not, it doesn’t matter as Iran will do what it wants anyway. Nothing has really been accomplished to limit Iran’s attainment of nuclear weapons. Maybe that’s the intent. With our Congress in denial and Obama, Kerry and the Keystone Kops continuing to negotiate blind-folded, aka in support of Iran, none of this will bode well for America nor any other nation of the world.

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