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Baltimore Civil Unrest Leader: Looting from Stores Was a Way to Get Justice “by Any Means Necessary”

In what may be one of the most disturbing and incomprehensible speeches of all time, a Baltimore man known as “Brother Rose” praised the Baltimore looters who burned down the CVS store just outside the Mondawmin Mall last Monday. He also praised the looting and destruction that happened with Mondawmin Mall, saying that those businesses had taken the people’s money and given nothing back to the community. (I assume that the people purchased goods with the money they spent… which is usually what a business promises to give back. Not to mention the jobs and easy access to shopping that the businesses provided.) He then went on to encourage those listening to force out any business that protected itself from the rioters because they obviously don’t belong in the neighborhood.

“America didn’t care until we started affecting things they profit from… What we saying, ‘Let’s get you out of our communities.'”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

He also said, “Without us running (unintelligible) Mondawmin Mall [the site of mass looting on Monday], taking back from the stores that have taken our dollars for how long, and not giving back to the community in any type of way. We made a statement. The world heard us then. They heard that the youth of Baltimore are going to get justice by any means necessary.”

He also advocated shutting down restaurants and businesses that were protecting their investments. “If they protected themselves against you, protect yourselves against them. Don’t spend your money there. Don’t give them no reason to be in your neighborhood. Kick them out.”

A few things:

We cared the moment the news broke that Freddie Gray had died of injuries sustained while in police custody. There is a reason that the media runs stories like Freddie Gray’s… it’s because we listen. We don’t care if CVS and other businesses decide not to build in Baltimore’s sketchier neighborhoods… because it doesn’t matter to us. The reason local officials beg for those stores (and for the Mondawmin Mall) to be built there is to revitalize the community. Those stores mean jobs, easier access to shopping and a rise in property values! What this foolish “Brother Rose” is basically saying to these people is ‘make sure they stay unemployed and living in ghettos!’

I just cannot fathom how a man as simple and blind as this could be called upon to speak at a rally for any cause, let alone one about saving a community. Every word that utters from his mouth is spoken in ignorance and born from hate and anger. There is a better world to be made in Baltimore, but this is not the kind of man you want helping to build it, because if he has his way, Baltimore will be filled with poverty… forever.


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