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Modern Day Church Signs: Lightly Esteeming the Blood of the Son of God

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Published on: March 25, 2015

Have you ever drove by a Church with one of those big signs and they always seem to have someone who is attempting to be clever with what they put on that sign? Years ago, I used to blog and at least once a week or possibly twice, I would take a picture of one I drove by and then correct what was being said with Scripture. Well, The Sons of Liberty radio show host Bradlee Dean recently picked up a book on Church Signs and began to read out of it some of the things that churches post on their signs.

The book Dean referenced is The Great American Book of Church Signs.

Dean said that these quotes that are put up by churches demonstrate the “lightly estimation they give the God of Heaven when they have the audacity to put these on their billboards.”

Among some of the quotes he referenced were such as these:

  • Jesus is like Tide. He gets the stains out others leave behind.
  • A dam holds water back. It’s not my last name. –God
  • Now is a good time to visit. Out pastor is on vacation.
  • The pastor saw his shadow. Six more weeks of lousy sermons.
  • Road Rage? How would Jesus drive?
  • Jesus loves you snow much (a sign in the midst of snow)
  • Tithe if you love Jesus. Anyone can honk.

“What is going on in their carnal minds?” Dean asked. “What are they feasting on?”

When it came to the issue of what Jesus would do, Dean told his audience, “I can tell you what he would do. He’s doing it.”

In other words, Jesus hasn’t departed from doing His Father’s will and neither should we. The answer that many people want to the “What Would Jesus Do?” question is usually not grounded in Christ’s own words. They desire a Jesus that looks a lot like them.

In fact, in many cases many modern “Christians” form “Jesus” into something of their own imagination. They believe He would approve of sodomy, abortion, idolatry, fornication, adultery, lying, cheating and stealing. And when they engaged in such things, they would turn around and anyone that would call them to repentance they would use the “Only God Can Judge Me” card, the “Judge not lest ye be judged” card or the “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” card. Well, if only God can judge you that should scare the Hell out of you because He is a righteous and just judge whose eyes see all things.

But over and over, we see the Word of God, God’s preachers, His own Son and the blood He shed for sinners trampled underfoot (Heb. 10:29) and equated with, of all things, Tide laundry detergent.

Dean asks the teachers in America’s churches, “What are you teaching the people because you are going to receive a greater condemnation?”

While it is clear that not all signs that churches put up are demeaning of God, Jesus or the preachers of those churches, in today’s culture there is definitely a “lightly esteeming” of the person and work of the Son of God who poured out His life’s blood to save sinners out of every tribe, tongue, people and nation. For most people, especially professing Christians, at least in America, they at least have some sort of awe at the sacrifice of men like Cpl. Kyle Carpenter. Yet, they take the perfect sacrifice of the Son of God that saves them from their sin so lightly.

As I’ve said before, may God bless America and it’s churches once again… with repentance towards Him.

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