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Obama Appointing Pro-Muslim Brotherhood As Special Assistant For Middle East, North Africa & Gulf Region

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Published on: March 14, 2015

The White House has appointed pro-Muslim Brotherhood Robert Malley as a new special assistant to President Barack Obama. As if this is not bad enough, Malley is in charge to cover the whole kitten caboodle: The Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region. This appointment happens to be at the same time that Erdogan of Turkey and Qatar had a millstone breakthrough in reviving the Muslim Brotherhood by gaining special provisions for the Islamist organization in Saudi Arabia and the Arab gulf.

Malley, who now works as Senior Director of National Security Council of the White House (NSC) on Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Gulf countries, will start his work in the new position on April 6, succeeding the retiring Philip Gordon, RIA Novosti reports. Gordon happens to be leaving just in time when the Brotherhood is given push forward in the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

In a statement, Susan Rice said Gordon “is leaving the White House to spend more time with his family …” bla bla bla.

Malley worked for Obama in his first run for president as a foreign policy advisor was later fired (due to public pressure) for meeting with the Palestinian group Hamas, which the U.S. State Department classifies as a terrorist organization making the excuse that “He was one of literally hundreds of informal, outside advisors,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told ABC News. Yet now, he seems to be key to resolving Middle East issues? has been tracking this creep since last year. And if it is said that the apple does not fall from the tree, Robert Malley is as a rotten apple as he was produced by his rotten father Simon Malley, the colleague of Henri Curiel, one of the main founders of the Communist Party in Egypt.

It is obvious that this appointment is coordinated with the current news regarding the successive and escalating developments in the Turkish-Gulf relations effecting regional, military and geopolitical impact as we have seen the latest visit paid by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Saudi Arabia.

The plan, creating a Sunni Muslim united front against Shia Iran and its allies, to be effective, that would require an easing of Saudi Arabia’s and the United Arab Emirates recent campaign to crush the Muslim Brotherhood and to focus on Iran’s leading role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq, Tehran’s Yemeni allies overthrowing the government in Sana’a, and by the emerging diplomatic rapprochement between the U.S. and Iran.

Such an effort cannot be done unless mends are made with the Muslim Brotherhood, the pet project of Turkey and Qatar and the great nemesis to the current Egyptian and Libyan governments who are being isolated from the U.S. led coalition’s war on terror. And with a push from Turkey and Qatar, including an ease regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama has his man set in the right time for the right place.

The new development to aid the Muslim Brotherhood is a reversal of Saudi Arabia’s historical attitude, Saudi Arabia wants to co-opt Turkey under a banner of a coordinated effort to form a Sunni crescent, in opposition to Iran’s Shiite crescent, and to the ISIS threat. Malley is the perfect pick to advance such plans, a Communist chip off the old block and who attended Harvard Law School with Obama. In 2006, Malley expressed a belief that Hamas can be moderated. In 2011, the Washington Post quoted Malley as saying that working with the Muslim Brotherhood was “not a bad idea” and that…

“They are an important constituency in Egypt. They’re very likely to play a role in any future arrangements there.”

To show an example of what such “experts” are all about and how wrong and harmful they are, in the same report, another infiltrator – Emile Nakhleh – a Palestinian (from my neck of the woods) who worked for the C.I.A. as a hired “expert” predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood will fail to win in the Egyptian elections of 2012; he was wrong; we were right. As the Arab Spring was unfolding the Brotherhood would be victorious and now we predict a major comeback for the Muslim Brotherhood, just when Americans fell asleep thinking they are marginalized.

Nakhleh, a stealth Arab agent, broke his silence in 2009 to the Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat. The title states (translated):

Academic from Palestinian origin who “saved” the letters of bin Laden and al-Zawahiri broke his silence after 16 years as president for the unity of political Islam in the CIA.


Emile Nakhleh to Al-Hayat:

I failed to persuade the Bush administration to cooperate with “Hamas,” but it’s inevitable that we talk to the Islamists if we actually want reform.

He added:

“We cannot speak of reform unless we speak to Hamas in Palestine, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

He took pride in coining the term as he advised the U.S. government that “most Muslims do not advocate violence,” adding that…

“…the most popular Islamic movements are not extremists and do not want a quick implementation of Sharia. They cooperate on issues that concern us all, which is to satisfy peoples’ concerns to obtain employment and to find a bite to eat.”

On the Boston Marathon bombings, Nakhleh told Al-Arab News:

“According to official statements to authorities by the surviving brother of the Boston Marathon bombings, the United States has a war on Islam and this is what led the two brothers to commit this act of terrorism.”

Nakleh’s solution?

“We need to combat Islamophobia.”

That would be a war on us.

What is amazing with the War on Terror is that there is no War on Terror, the war is on the ones who call for a War on Terror. This Muslim Brotherhood re-engagement strategy is not new; it was there under Bush and is no different from Malley’s International Crisis Group (I.C.G) which reported in June of 2008:

The three-year clash between the government and the Muslim Brothers is damaging Egypt’s political life. Ending this confrontation and moving towards the long-term goal of integrating the Brothers into the political mainstream is a far better option.

We have seen this “far better option” wreak havoc; the Muslim Brotherhood partnered with Hamas and Al-Qaeda. We have accurately predicted the outcome in the Middle East while so many of the so-called “experts” have continued to advocate positions that keep the Middle East in chaos.

Another one of Malley’s I.C.G member is a Palestinian from Rameh (near Jinin), named Wadah Khanfar, who was head of the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) in South Africa and received his diploma in Sudan. He has become one of the most influential figures in the Arab media by managing Al-Jazeera television; he was fired by a Qatari Prince and is now setting up shop to start a similar operation in Tunisia. This will open the door for the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa. He has also replaced Mohamed ElBaradei at the ICG. In so doing, he has assumed much of ElBaradei’s influence. The ICG is no small operation; it has a huge sphere of influence relative to setting policy in the Middle East. ICG now has a foothold in the U.S. through Malley. This one Obama appointment further demonstrates the President’s pro-Islamic fundamentalist stance.

Khanfar comes from a family that has produced several terrorists. His father marches and speaks for suicide bomber Majdi Khanfar.

The Mareb Press reported (translated):

Wadah Khanfar, a Hamas activist affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and one of its key figures in the Hamas office in Sudan, led the Al-Jazeera network to shine and to be recognized by the world.

Palestinian media, Al-Majd in Jordan and Elaf all confirm this.

The family business in Rama/Jinin was raided several times for its connection to Hamas. There is also Anwar Ibrahim, the other board member of I.C.G who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Here he is with Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi:


Here is where all of this is going. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced his support for the Muslim Brotherhood while in Trabzon. Turkey later tried to put pressure on Russia to prevent the export of arms to the Egyptian army so as not to provide Egypt’s post-Muslim Brotherhood government with any offensive or defensive weapons systems. Russia, thank God, has rejected all such pressure from the Turks.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey was supporting the Brotherhood in secret and is now doing so out in the open. It welcomed the meeting of the International Brotherhood organization in Turkey – the new headquarters of the Brotherhood – to begin work on a new strategy to regain Egypt. Barack Obama – along with his extended family – is actively working toward this goal. The U.S. President’s brother Malik has rubbed elbows with the head of the IHH, an organization that 87 U.S. Senators asked President Obama to designate as a terrorist organization to no avail. Malik also appears to serve as somewhat of an unofficial Ambassador to the Turkish region for his brother’s administration.

The Muslim Brotherhood now has four major bases in the world. In Turkey, it’s led by Erdoğan; in Tunisia, it was led by Rachid Ghannouchi; and in Malaysia it is led by Anwar Ibrahim, head and co-founder of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in America in addition to being I.C.G. Board member. The fourth center is in Beirut, a new office so that Turkey can lead the new operations in Syria.

In Lebanon, they have set up TV channel Ahrar 25 from Lebanon to Turkey. Its motto is “Ahrar Thuwar Hankammil el-Mishwar” (Free Revolutionary and We will Finish the Race):


Even in Israel proper, there is Raed Salah, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel.

In South Africa, the Muslim Brotherhood is led by Wadah Khanfar, who initiated the movement there while he supported Hamas.

Again, Khanfar serves on the Executive Board of none other than Robert Malley’s International Crisis Group (I.C.G.), stressing that he inherited the chair from Mohamed ElBaradei, who played a major role in creating a mess in Egypt and now, through one of its products, Obama will continue the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood through Malley. Malley was so toxic in the 2008 based on his meetings with Hamas that he was jettisoned from the Obama campaign. One year later, after Obama’s re-election, Malley was given a post as a Senior Director with the National Security Council. And now, he gets to be senior advisor for the The Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region.

That’s what we call coming full circle with a fools’ circle.

To Christians, all of this should have Biblical significance as well.

A review of Daniel 11:40-45 (God forbid the U.S. use the Bible these days) indicates that Turkey – the “king of the North” – shall attack Egypt – the “king of the South.” Today, the Brotherhood is parking in Turkey after being overthrown in Egypt. During the ‘Arab Spring’, when the world was hopeful, we predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would be victorious. Now, due to the Brotherhood’s ouster from Egypt, the world is again hopeful. We, however, are predicting that the Brotherhood will come back even stronger with the aid of Turkey’s military might.


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